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oohhhh naughty naughty naughty

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My fur kids are peeing on my leather couch..
caught Coco doing it today..don't know how long they have been either, but from the looks of it it has been occurring for some time...

the weird thing is no one not anyone smelled it..we have been on this couch a lot and laying on it and no one ever smelled a thing..anyone else have pee on a leather couch and no smell?

I am calling professional cleaners in the AM and have used the urine oxy stuff and seems to have helped on the couch but the seat cushion is still out in the garage..I am afraid to go smell it even after soaking it with the urine eater....

It is my fault or not I do not know..I changed their litter about a month ago and have been cleaning it faithfully and find poop and pee in it.

My only other concern is that maybe there is too much stress in my colony.....hhmm
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How many litter boxes do you have? There needs to be atleast 3 for 4 kitties, 2 at the absolute minimum.
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What do you mean that you 'changed their litter a month ago?'
You mean brands? Or do you mean putting fresh litter in the box?

I guess you mean brands... if so that would be the problem.
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Originally Posted by KatKisses View Post
What do you mean that you 'changed their litter a month ago?'
You mean brands? Or do you mean putting fresh litter in the box?
ohmi..type of litter...I cannot even go a day without doing something to their litter...
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re: litter boxes:
I have huge one...and it is about 3ft by 2ft and then a ave. size one..I think I will add another box....but I have never had any issues with them until this....
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I am not sure how much this will help you (as you don't know how long this has been going on) but, what I did when I found a pee stain on my parent's (gasp) leather coach cushion was the following:

1. Remove leather cover from cushion and put both in a room the cats could not get to.

2. Use metal cookie sheets, pillows, etc. to cover the rest of the coach seats.

3. Spray the foam cushion thuroughly (until very wet) with nature's miracle just for cats...Do this only in the spots that smell and the surrounding areas.

4. Dab the top of the cushion with a cloth and let dry (put in a room with a fan to circulate the air).

5. I flattened out the leather seat cover with a towel inside to prevent the moisture from going into the bottom of the cover. Isolate the spots on the leather that smell (i.e. I had to sniff the entire cover with my nose ~ 1/2" above the leather). Spray that area of the cover 1 time with nature's miracle and dab quickly and thuroughly with a dry washcloth... You don't want to leave the leather wet, just damp.

6. Let seat cover and cushion dry for ~ 15-20 minutes then repeat, repeat, repeat... I did this for about 1 whole day with the leather seat cover and 2 days with the foam...with the foam, I had to get it sopping wet because the NM has to soak down to where the pee stain is or the odor won't come out.

7. Keep the cats away from the items while they dry!! NM recs up to 2 weeks for something to fully dry and for the odor to be completely gone...I let the foam cushion dry outside for ~ 5 days before I put the leather cover back on it. When I did put it back on it, I kept metal cookie sheets over that seat of the couch for 1 week to keep the cats off.

This worked for me (thank goodness as my parents would have killed me) but I think it worked because I caught the stain the same day (thank God that I stayed home sick from work that day and found it). I think that the most important thing is getting rid of the odor as completely as you can...otherwise the cats will return to pee on the same spot. I don't think the chemicals that professional cleaners use will help with the pee smell (at least the miniscule amount the cats can smell).

Another point, is that the NM or any other cleaners MAY discolor your couch, BUT I'd rather have a slightly discolored couch than a pee-smelling one. I was lucky in that my parents couch is a "distressed" finish olive green color, so the area where it darkened slightly due to the NM isn't noticable. The NM bottle recs trying a small spot first to see what will happen.

In your case, if it is the seat cushion only (like mine) I'd rec reapplying the cleaner multiple times and leaving it in an area with good air circulation (i.e. ceiling fan, not fan pointed at the items drying). Just keep applying and applying until there is no detectable odor w/ your nose right on the spots, then apply some more I'd check all of the cushions carefully (w/ nose on them) to see if there are other spots. Other than that, make the couch highly undesirable for them to pee on...I'd use cooke sheets w/ like tinfoil or plastic wrap in them (so that if they do pee, it will stay in the cookie you can easily move the sheets if you want to sit and put back when you are out of the room. I'd check the sides/back of the couch too (w/ nose again) and if you are remotely concered about them peeing there, you may want to put plastic wrap or tin foil hanging down.

Good luck, I know how stressful this can be.... and no, I didn't smell my stain either...I noticed that the blanket and cushion on the spot were wet and found the stain underneath (I had a cat w/ a UTI issue).

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wow...I am so grateful for all this..and you now what?

This is what I have been doing for the past 3days...
I just decided to open up that cushion and dump the entire bottle of NM on the foam (I thought at this point what else could possibly hurt and the proff. cleaners said they coudl not gaurentee me anything and $150.00 to get a complete new one from Lane) and left it out in the HOT garage

..I got the smell out of the bottom of the couch and I think I am pretty clsoe to gone with the cushion..going to buy one more bottle of NM today and give it one last soak ...

also put the tin foil up on the couch (GMTA) boy do the fur kiddos hat that stuff....

I also added anther litter box and I am going to get feliways refilled just in case there is some stress they are pickingup on me from my husband and I (as I think they are just really PO'ed at him for being such a terd lately to

thanks so much....
fingers crossed
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NP, I hope it helps.

Just make sure that you dab the leather cover really well after each application of NM (and just spray one coat each time)... Let it dry between coats...I think if it gets soaking wet the leather might be hurt by it (change the texture, etc.).

Also, let the cushion air out a LONG time after you've soaked least 24 hours to see if you need to reapply, but if you don't smell anything, I'd still let it sit drying for days (3-5) to make sure that it's completely dry before putting it back in the cover...I think it could mildew if put back inside the cover damp. If it smells, even the faintest once dry, soak again (better safe than sorry).

Good luck in getting the stink out... I've got a futon cover/cushion/pillowtop that is faux suede that got peed on and even NM hasn't been able to get the stink out...of course I've been scared to soak it (it's supposedly dry clean only) so I may just always have to keep it setup as a bed (with sheets and quilt on top) so the cats won't pee on it. *sigh*

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today it really smells pee free..
I soaked it again yesterday afternoon and there is still a wet spot from it but man. no pee smell at all..nose right on it.....
our couch is just like how you described your parents but in burgundy and so far so good no trouble to the leather itself. I am no longer worried at this point...*whew*
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I'd just rec, maybe spraying the cushion again (even with no detectable odor) and letting it dry for a long time... better to take an extra step now than to have them go back and pee on it again.

I'm glad the leather isn't being discolored.

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