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Asthma now turned to Pnemonia!!!

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On Saturday I came home to find Turbo frantically bouncing around the house and foaming at the mouth. My first thought was that he was having a seizure or he got into something. He then proceeded to vomit as he continued to thrash about the house. I quickly placed him in his carrier and rushed him to my work and called my boss for help. After an hour in the oxygen cage-we took x-rays and found he was having a severe asthma attack-with no previous warning signs. We treated him with steroids and took another xray an hour later-lungs were looking much better so I brought him home. Yesterday I noticed that he didn't move all day and was extremly lethargic, I called my boss and asked her if this was normal-she said yes for as bad as he was. I got up this morning and he had not moved again-so I took him back to work with me and we took more xrays, blood work and an ECG. It now looks as though he has Pnemonia-poor Turbo. Now I am hoping that he will recover from this as he is still looking pathetic. It may also be a touch of Cardiomyopathy we are waiting to see if he does better overnight with some Lasix. Please send good vibes his way-he is feeling horrible and now he is all alone in his oxygen cage tonight! Poor Turbo!
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Prayers for him. In Dec 2005 Coco had a very bad cold with severe asthma. There was fluid in her lungs and I was told she had lung cancer but it wasnt. Did your Cat have a cold or anything before he got sick? Was the shot Depo Medrol?
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He has not been sick at all. In fact Trubo is one of the healthiest cats we have. He recieved both a Dexamethasone shot as well as a Depo Mederol shot on Saturday. The fluid in his lungs appears to be Pnemonia, but steroids can unmask an underlying heart condition, so I am a little worried now it may be cardiac fluid.
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How old is he? I was told Coco had something wrong with her heart then also. She had to get a Echo and it was fine. I hope your Cat will be ok and its not from the heart.
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Turbo just turned 2 last month-and I am told that asthma will show up anywhere between 2-6yrs old. I just got off the phone with my boss, she went back to check on Turbo before going to bed and she said he is looking a little bit better, his lungs don't sound as raspy and his heart rate is down, so maybe we are making the turn for the better. Was Coco diagnosed finally with a heart problem or the astma? If so what did you do to treat it??

I was told by my boss that 20% of cats with asthma never show any warning signs that they are about to have an attack, which is scary that it doesn;t show up untill they are in resperatory distress. Uno has had asthma for years now and he will always cough for a few days, we treat him with an inhaler and he is fine. This is just so acute and unexpected that it was very scary-hopefully when I get in in the morning, he will have relaxed more and I will be taking another x-ray and we will see if the lungs are clearing up. We are hitting him hard with the antibiotics so hopefully they will look a little clearer. For now keep sending the vibes!!!
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possibly he aspirated some of the foam/fluid...
sending & for Turbo!
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Cocos problem was Asthma and her heart was ok. She is also way older then your Cat. She is 16 now and was 13 when she had that severe attack with the cold. Her Cold was so bad she would cough and throw up and she had green and yellow stuff come up and out of her nose. it took the pigment offf her nose. I was told she had bronchitis years before that when it was asthma all along. I hope your cat will alot better tomorow.
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I hope he gets better very very very soon!!!

It must be so difficult for you

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I hope hw'll be ok. It's always difficult when you think they are really healthy and they get so sick so fast. I know as I've had that happen. Good luck.
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He made a turn for the better yesterday, but is in no means out of the woods yet. The antibiotics are working and he is able to relax and breathe a little better. I will leave him hospitalized for the next week to recieve the heavy duty antibiotics and we are going to be gone this weekend so it is better if he remains in the hospital. Atleast he was excited to see me yesterday-he got up and even purred for a minute. It was sad to leave him there all alone today since it is my day off, but I will go visit him later this afternoon after my daughter takes a nap. Thanks to everyone so far who has sent good vibes-keep them coming since he is still critical at this point. I will keep you all updated.
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I'm glad to hear that Turbo's feeling a little better, and I hope he continues to improve.

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I hope he keeps getting better. What meds is he on right now?
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Because he is with me at work I am giving him 1/2cc Baytril mixed with 1/2cc Ampicillin in the morning, and in the evening he just gets 1/2cc Ampicillin again. I had today off so I have not seen him yet today-I am planning on going and visiting later-didn't want to go in too early in the day and get roped into working a few hours. I am just wanting to bring him home, but I don't want the stress of 8 other kitties wanting to play to make him worse, so he will stay until we get back into town on Sunday afternoon.
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