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Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

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Anyone out there with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. If so can you suggest some things that might help to relieve some of the symptoms.

Mine has been particularly bad the last 48 hours or so and I could really use some new ideas.
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My dad had it really badly and would wear a brace and he also would prop his arm on his elbow so his hand was straight in the air to relieve some of the blood flow.... he ended up getting the surgery though and it went VERY well and has worked wonders for him and he's REALLY glad he did it - my neighbor got the surgery too and she didn't have any problems afterwards. My dad didn't really have a choice but to get the surgery (it got that bad) because he works with his hands - he installs/maintains the computer components on mass mailing machines (think the machines the banks use to stuff, seal, stamp and mail out your statements) and it's lots of tiny parts in tiny places (even though daddy has giant fingers haha)
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I have carpal tunnel syndrome. I had a dextarious job that was really aggrevating it. My hands were falling asleep to the point they would cause severe cramping in my forearm. I was waking up at night crying. I got a cortizone shot in my left wrist area and that actually has worked. The shot was so wicked I didn't get it in my right hand.. I changed jobs so I don't aggrevate the condition as much anymore. However I just got done doing a partime job painting exterior of a building and my right hand has been falling asleep and cramping again. I am sorry you are going through this. They do surgery for this condition, and my Dr wanted me to think about it. That would have been my last option. The wrist braces help alot too!!
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well, my mom had it fairly badly. she used the cortisone shots for several years - length of improvement lessened w/each new treatment. finally, she had the surgery - which was very successful [albeit a difficult recovery, since it was her dominant hand]. she had decided to wait on the surgery until the shots were no longer effective.
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I had the surgery in both my hands last year. Worked wonders! It was so bad tbefore the surgery I couldn't sleep, I did OT for months and had custom made braces that I had to sleep with. There was another post about this a while back, try a search!

PS- PM me if you have any questions
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My DH wears wrist braces and they really help, and my Mom had the actual surgery Good Luck!
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I wear wrist braces on both wrists to sleep in every night, whether or not I have pain/numbness at the time. I've found this keeps mine more or less under control. It will still bother me some, but it's not too bad anymore except for rare cases where something aggravates them more than usual.
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I always thought computer work caused my carpal tunnel but gardening actually makes it work. I have wrist braces for both hands and earlt in gardening season I wear them every night and if I'm not working or even while watching TV before going to bed.

I dropped my desktop keyboard flat and have one of the gel wrist rests. Also watch how your type on the keyboard. If you are like me and took a typing class (waaay back) in high school you may have to change your typing technique. I've learned not to stretch my fingers on the keyboard but move them around quite alot. I don't use my pinky fingers much either!!
For my gardening I would be on my knees bent over weeding with one hand and propping myself up with the other. I know sit on my but whenever possibleto relief pressure on my wrists.
Also wiggle your fingers lots and bend your hands at the wrists gently forward and backwards and do wrist circles to give them a stretch.
All of this seems to help me as I was diagnosed I bet 10 years ago.
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I have it in my right wrist but I use a brace to keep it under control.
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Thanks for all the suggestions. I do wear a brace at night and for the most part that does help a lot..However for some reason it has been very bad the last few days..

Maybe it's time to talk to the doctor about surgery..
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Hold you arm out in front of you like you are stopping traffic, hand up. Take the other hand and pull gently back on your fingers until you get just past where it is resisting, and starting to get a good stretch. You should feel a stretch down the back of your arm nearly to your elbow. That opens up the tunnel just a bit and gives that nerve some release. My DH has it bad from 20+ years of tattooing, and it is one of the few exercises that gives him some relief.
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I had the surgery done on my dominant hand. Let me tell you! I had to change a few of my habits and do things differently! I still need it done on my right hand as it gets pretty bad when I'm using the mouse. I then just let it fall to side until the blood flows again or I shake it to get the blood flowing. I've lived with it for so long, it's not a big problem for me anymore.

When I went in for the surgery, they asked how I'd like to be put under. Well, I had heard they shove a tube down your throat if you go totally under. I wasn't having any of that, so they gave me some pills which, after they took effect, I asked for some more! I was put half-way under. You are semi-conscious. I was kinda there and kinda not. I remember feeling them cut the ligament that releases the pressure and I mentioned it to him as he was doing the cut!

When they say that you can't use your hand, they really mean it! The first time I used my hand, the pain was excruciating!!
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