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Help with my cat's strange behavior

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My wife and I have two cats, Oscar and Felix. Oscar is 4 and Felix is 3. We got them both when they were kittens. Oscar is well adjusted. However, Felix has some behavioral issues that we haven't been able to figure out. I'm just going to list out the things that have us concerned.

He cries a lot for apparently no reason. Often while staring up at the ceiling and trying to climb up the wall. He likes to be around my wife and me, but he doesn't like to be approached or touched. He always follows us around and stays in whatever room we are in. If we are just sitting or standing still somewhere he will come up and rub on us. But if we approach him he runs off. If we pick him up he gets freaked out and wants down immediately. He's very skiddish and easily frightened. He can't jump very well. He's kind of clumsy. His musculature doesn't seem to be very developed, as he feels soft when held rather than firm. He also tends to urinate right outside of the litter box instead of inside it, even when it has been freshly cleaned. There have been a few times when he urinated in a pile of clothes or in a corner of a room. He has lost about 3 pounds recently. In general, he just acts like he is confused by everything. He rarely cleans himself. Oscar usually cleans him. He gets along well with Oscar.

Any advice on what could be wrong with him?
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Hi, love the Oscar & Felix names! Well, there are cats who just aren't touchy feely and while they'll rub against you just before feeding time, otherwise aren't really into much contact. The urination thing could be just because some male cats prefer just a very little litter in e.g. the flat top of a Rubbermaid tray (turned up edges) rather than a bunch of soft stuff to dig in (at least you know where it's gone though, vs somewhere else in the house). Or it could be due to a urinary tract infection, so do check with your vet as such things are very common. As far as his development goes, again, something for the vet to check into. However, the most worrisome thing you mentioned was his losing 3 lbs recently - that's a lot for a young cat to lose with no reason (??) or diet having been started. Does he normally like to eat what you give him (vs 'just' eating it 'cause he has to eat something) and/or have you tried him on different food? In any case, I would definitely see the vet about the weight loss - it's important.
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Yes, you need to have this cat checked out by a vet ASAP!
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I agree wholeheartedly with the suggestions of a vet visit. It sounds like Felix has numerous serious issues that most likely require the assistance of a professional. Please keep us posted.
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I agree with others ,the vets is the best thing you can do.

Urinary tract infections is likely because

- He is confused , just like humans are / can be with UTI'S
-Weight loss could be connected
-Looking at the ceiling and crying could be discomfort e.c.t

This is going to sound weird. Our friends who we once got a dog off has a dog who is so mentally disabled her mum has to do everything from cleaning to chewing her treats to soften them to telling her off EVERYTHING a parent would do for a baby toddler this dog does for her 2 year old daughter .. SO maybe your cat has a nuro problem or a underlining health problem.
Monitor you cats diet closely until you get to go to the vets. Because the vet is likely to ask questions to do with the cats diet and general well being

Hope that helps *im new here and no expert though*
Jess x
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