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My baby has fleas

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Hello all

My kitten Jinxy is 7 weeks and her breeder told us yeah the cat has NO fleas and was bathed in special flea stuff. Of course we believed her

Yesterday though i was playing with Jinxy (Who has a white stomach) i saw a flea no TWO fleas on her ..

We phoned the pet store to get prescription flea stuff to kick them in butt.. But she is underweight to have the stuff , she should gain the weight in the next ten day.

The fleas do not seem to be bothering her , and i have no found any more on her.
Is a flea collar dangerous for her to wear in general she will still receive her prescription spot on treatment.
Jess x
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Please don't use flea collars or any over-the-counter medication, for that matter. They aren't safe for any cats, even adults. At her age she is at least a week too young for Advantage, Revolution, etc. The best approach at this stage would be to use a mild dishwashing liquid and a flea comb. You may also want to "bomb" your home as well.
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Get a flea comb and use that for now. Flea collors are not safe for Cats. I only use stuff from the vets.
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You can pick'um off, but any area with carpet,blankets.....ect...thing like that are wonderful flea homes so take care of the areas too. At 8 weeks you can use advantage. When the flea bites your cat it dies, so if you have fleas jumping around your home, the advantage will kill them sooner or later.
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You got her from a breeder and she is only 7 weeks old? She shouldn't even be away from her mother yet, that is not a very good breeder. She is too young to really do anything but pick them off with a flea comb and some dawn dish soap. That is the best way. Once she hits 8 weeks you can use flea meds from the vet. Just take her in and have all her vaccines done and have the vet treat her for the fleas. Revolution would be my suggestion as it takes care of fleas, ticks, worms and a few other things too I believe. Good luck!
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this is my suggestion, since you've already got the prescription stuff to use later...
bathe her w/something like Dawn Original [don't know if that particular brand is available over there?] & 1st put a ring of it around her neck [this prevents the fleas from running to her head when the soapy water hits them. then, when she's wet & the fleas are kinda dazed, pick them off & put them in the soapy water. a flea comb makes this a bit easier, btw.
this should help lessen the amount until you can use the script flea stuff.
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Thank you!

Yeah the stuff we are getting if from the vets lol , i wont get her any over the counter flea or worming treatment. We already have this special stuff you order online for your house.

Not sure of the name but its FANTASTIC

Jess x
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When I got Amadeus he was about 8 weeks. We had rescued him. He was absolutely COVERED in fleas, like I had never seen before. I got some shampoo that said 12 weeks or older, and started to bathe him but got nervous. We took him to the vet the next day and they gave him "the magic pill," called Capstar. It killed ALL fleas and their eggs within a couple hours and then we just brushed them off. See if you can get that, it must be safe for young kittens. Before you expose her to your house again, bomb the crud out of it to kill any that are lingering there.
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