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I've posted before about our build in rural Maine. I'm so excited about the Bobcats we have out back. First I noticed the tracks in the snow. Then I was finding droppings here and there. So I knew we had a few cats on the hill. The last two weeks we spent framing the house. One morning I took off early to the general store for coffee. In less than ten minuets time I came back with the brew. Right in the middle of the driveway was a big fresh dropping. I got out and inspected it. It was loaded with rabbit hair. A Bobcat dropping for sure. The evening after work the next day I sat and enjoyed the silence since the generator was stopped. The all of a sudden I noticed a big cat sniffing the dew in the driveway. He made that butt sniffing face our cats do and lifted his nose to the air. It was a perfect viewing. The sun illuminated the bright white "silver dollars" on his ears. Then he slowly made his way across the yard and behind the construction trailer. That's when I made my move and got as close as I could before he emerged on the other side. I was about 50 feet from where I next saw him. Surely the best view of a cat in the wild I could ever expect. The angle changed a bit and the sun lit up his bright white bobtail. I watched as he slowly walked off still with the butt sniffing face. I watched till my eyes hurt trying to still see him as he vanished in to the woods. To a cat lover this was the best cat experience. No pictures of the cat but I have a closeup of the rabbit hairs in the droppings if anyone is interested.