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Lion Cut

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So what type of cat gets this? My boyfriend and I were thinking of shaving Bugsy since he is the only baby in the house that really sheds. Since its so hot out we thought it would be comfortable for him as well.

I wanted to get him totally shaved (bald) but my boyfriend thought that was mean and he might feel naked. I started looking up local groomers and saw a “Lion Cut” I thought it was the cutest thing!!

Is my poor cat going to look ridiculous because it s breed specific cut? I don’t want him to look bad, just cute.

I know, this is probably a dumb question lol but I am full of those.

Thanks in advanced!
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my Chip isn't a longhair, either, but i've thought it might be a good solution for him, as well - he REALLY dislikes being brushed!
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If you do a search in Fur Pics for Ferris and Lion Cut, you'll see pics of my DLH former feral.

He LOVES his cut, and it has really helped him to become more tame and trusting.
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I just got my cat groomed today. I had them shave her belly and butt. She has been under the bed going on 6 hours now.

I can't get her out. She is so upset! I am regretting taking her in. It devestated her.

Just be prepared for your cat not to recover from going to the groomers very fast.

Right now I am breaking out the catnip. lol.
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MY Sev Loves his cut, but I DO NOT cut his tail at all, or the bottom of his legs so he kind of looks like he has big muscles But he is so much more affectionate with his cut because he can actually feel me touch on his skin, his hair is so thick.
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