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Male kitten will not cover poop/pee

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I adopted a male and female kitten. They are about 10 weeks old. She buries her poop/pee when she goes. He, on the other hand, doesnt. She actually goes back and covers it for him

Will he learn to do this himself? Is there anything I can do on my end? Man it stinks when hes done!!
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I have a male and female and in my case it is the female that doesn't cover. When they were kittens the male would cover for her then he stopped. They are five now and the female still doesn't cover. I have read that often the alpha cat doesn't cover. I just scoop a lot which is what I would do anyway and just am happy that they both are real good about using the litter box.
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The alpha cat does not cover, because he has nobody to hide from.
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In my case, Mary,my alpha, does cover. She prefers a clean box and is a fussbudget about it. The boys cover theirs too. She taught them too. Seldon polices the boxes to make sure everything is covered. He learned it from her.

Sometimes I think there are cats who just don't want to be bothered.
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my male cat does not cover either- well, he tries. He doesn't quite get the concept, he scratches the top of his covered litter box to try to cover it, then leaves the box. my female (older) cat growls and covers it for him everytime.
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Sometimes Sport does, sometimes he doesn't...but when he,s going to go poop...he has to dig a HOLE TO CHINA, so he can sit WAY up on the edge as to not get any on his delicate little feet. I'm toilet training him, and I'm sure he will have no problem, by the way he uses the litter tray.

Peace, Lvoe and Tie Dye,
Rob and Sport
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Some cats cover, some don't. There are various "reasons" - some say its a sign of dominance. But I've had cats there were dominate and covered and cats there were not dominate and didn't cover - so IMO that's not a theory to explain it.

He may learn to do it, he may never do it. I think as long as he's using the pan, you shouldn't complain Kittens will have smellier poop then adult. Are these kittens spayed/neutered? If not, after they are done, the smell is not as strong. Sometimes its the food you are feeding that causes it to smell more.
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Our old boy (RB) Nibs could never be called dominant -- he was a chicken with whiskers and he never covered. When Suzy came into the household, she began covering for him, usually with a demeanor similar to a frustrated human female putting the toilet seat down after the guy has left it up.
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Same here Rascal *rarely* covers his poops. If I don't get to them first Samson is sure to get in there and cover his stinkies!
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