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x_x new kitten attacking older resident cat - causing eye ulcers/conjuntivitis

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Ok first I'd like to say Im sorry if this has been answered over and over again but I was surfing through the forums and didn't quite find the same situation

Problem is I have a 2 bedroom apartment (1 bedroom on each side, main living room/dining room/kitchen in middle - two bathrooms one on each side of apt, my bathroom connected to bedroom, other bathroom separate from bedroom)
so 3 year old Coco is now officially been introduced to what I thought was pretty "successful" to the new Kitten Alex
They eat together, sometimes lay in the living room sleeping together.
However Alex is now 15 weeks old and he's not really playing tough but he chases her around the house, and she would "punch" him a couple of times in the face and hiss and he'd of course lay over and try to play some more -

Now- about 2 weeks ago, Coco started getting this really yucky eye and I left it alone for a few days (actually made a post in the health forum) but finally took her to the vet and was told she had an eye cornea ulcer
So - all of last week she had a cone on her head and have 3-4 drops of RX meds for her eye, and just Saturday (2 days ago) I took the cone off after a whole week since her eye (right) was now looking perfectly normal again ---
the same day she got her cone taken off, she ran up to Alex and wacked him in the face (kind of like TAKE THAT!) , and since then Alex I guess thought she wanted to play rough or something, and now is jumping on her back and attacking her from all angles, whether she wants to play or not

I don't know exactly what to do, I can't really keep him separated in the other room (my roommate's) or keep him confined (he will cry and cry and has now figured out how to slam himself against the door to open it) since I work 9 - 5 and I feel bad if I have my roommate have to take care of my cat - (and also it seems like these accidents happen at night!)

I woke up an Coco's LEFT eye is all gooey! so I KNOW Alex wacked her in the eye AGAIN (other one this time)!! AUGH!!

So she's got the cone back on, and I cleaned her eye, and put some RXdrops in the OTHER eye..

Oh god

I don't want a blind cat due to the new kitten
any ideas on how to tame a kitten?
Ive been trying to pick him up on the scruff of the neck and putting him on his cat tree (yes I even got him a 5 tiered giant cat tree that takes up half the living room X______X) but he would run off and jump on her back or wack her in the face again


He is getting fixed next week --- would that help or not at all w/ the energy...

I mean he's not that bad when he plays w/ us (no biting or kicking or anything! just amazing!)
but in the middle of the night (around 3 am) he would wake up and just chase coco around the house! (note that Coco usually goes to bed w/ me and wakes up when I do)

I don't know what to do

ughhh - do I just need to deal w/ it and have a cone around my 3 year old til the little one stops wacking her in the face??
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Get him fixed, keep his claws trimmed, all 4 feet, and it might be wise to get soft claw nail caps to put on all 4 feet until he outgrows this stage.

You can get soft claws from your vet, petstore, or online.

I recommend for the first time application, you go through your vet, and have them show you how to safely clip claws and apply caps, after that, order online, much cheaper.

This is the cheapest place I've found to order the claw caps, and shipping is free, plus they usually throw in a free cat toy with your order.

Hope this helps
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oh god I hope so - I was thinking of that - His claws (all 4 paws) are acutally always trimmed, I check like every 2 - 3 days to Make sure I didn't miss any
He doesn't really like to hold still enough for me to clip them so I get to do 1 paw every day if I get lucky -

but yes I think Soft Claws might be a realllyyy good idea now X_X THANK YOU!!
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