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Guys could you say a capture prayer?

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I have found a really good home for Black Paws, the latest feral. I had him this morning, but once again, he escaped! darn but he is fast! Please pray that I capture him so that I can get him out of here before the neighbors non-spayed female shows up and more kittens are born in this world.
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Has he shown up?
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you have my prayers, hissy.

i'm glad you found him a home, have you had any luck finding him yet?

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Capture prayer on it's way.
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Me too. I am sending prayers your way!!! Have you ever thought of capturing your neighbors cat and having it spayed for the heck of it? I have done this before and usually, our shelter will spay/neuter for free if you state it is a rescue. I have also done it for 10 dollars. Chances are, they won't even notice if she is gone for a day if they let her outside all the time. What do you think? That way, you won't have to worry in the future.
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he is back to not trusting me again. Probably the fact that I had him and was carrying him across the yard (he was wrapped in a towel) and kenai came up and bumped him out of my hands- has something to do with that feeling....LOL I will get him though, I have to, he has to go to his new home and soon.

I have already neutered my neighbor's male kitty, I got in some hot water for it too, and I dare not touch his female as well.
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I know youll get his trust again...everyone knows what a big heart you have!
Good luck with Black paws! I wish I could do something about our neighbors cats. They are inbred, haven't had shots and just plain look like He**! Some people have no business having pets!
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I agree! I have people at work constantly trying to bring me kittens. Some of them have them every 4 months and I am thinking....wouldn't it be easier to get her spayed than try and give away kittens every 4 months? It's crazy! Especially with all the low cost spay/neuters out there.
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