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I realized how how of shape I am

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Yesterday I went and played softball with my boyfriend's coworkers team. It was the first game of the season. (Yay we won!) Man am I sore today. I played catcher for one inning and realized that my knees and quads can't take it haha. Maybe I need to start doing some squats or something. We got there at 4pm to practice and the game wasn't until 6:30. It was really, really hot outside too. The games are 55 minutes long which isn't too bad, but I can hardly move today. I guess I used muscles I hardly ever use, but I've been cycling 15 miles about 2 times a week so I can't be that out of shape since that uses my quads lol and I don't hurt after doing that. Anyone else here playing on a softball team? This was also my first time playing softball as I wasn't in any sports as a child. I was just a band nerd haha
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the unique that is less in this thread is a pic of the game!.. that would be great!...
Congratulations for the victory!... My wife loves to play baseball too,...(thanks to God!......
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Yay for winning!

No, I don't play softball or baseball regularly, though we do sometimes go out just for fun! I'm really out of shape now, too. No fun!

Funny you should mention you bike a lot, but still softball hurt you. My dad, who is currently living and working in Yellowstone, takes all day hikes all the time. I mean, in one week he walks 80 miles, easy. Then, they had a baseball day, and he played. After one game he was SO SORE! So, you're not the only one that really is in shape but soft ball / base ball hurt!

That your muscles forgive you soon.
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Wow, that's so strange that your dad is like that too. Makes me feel much better about my aches and pains! Hehe. I really wonder if you use different muscles to play ball games now..
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