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Does he have a hairball?

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I'm new to the indoor cat thing so I have no idea. How do I know if Sunny is trying to throw up a hairball?

He's looking like he needs to throw something up. He's breathing normally and eating (he loves to eat). I know he's not gotten ahold of something that he should not have. He has longer hair and thats why I thought he might be trying to pass a hairball. I just don't know how to tell or even to know how often we can expect him to throw on up.

Could someone tell me the particulars on hairballs?
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Puking a hairball will look like a regular "he's gonna puke!" Oliver usually likes to throw them up while I'm asleep for me to find upon waking (thanks Ol! ) I've taught my parents that the difference between a regular puke pile and a hairball puke pile is that the hairball one actually looks more like a turd

Offer your kitty a pot of cat grass (I buy the oat grass seeds from poopsiecat.com and grow them myself - much cheaper and lasts longer than the pots from Petco), offer hairball treats and a hairball supplement (it's like goo in a tube that you have them eat) and brush your kitty's coat regularly. Oliver is not a fan of hairball paste so when he's shedding or has just had a bath (he's more short/medium hair, not long, but he's big on preening himself) I just put some smooth organic peanut butter on my finger and smoosh it in his mouth and that seems to work wonders at helping the hairballs exit out the back end and not back up the front end.
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Thank you so much for the information. I will definately give the peanut butter trick a try. I'll go buy some cat grass for him at Petco and will look for the seeds.
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You can also try purchasing cat grass seeds from Lucy's Cat Grass. They have a variety of types including oat grass and wheat grass. The on-site product reviews might be helpful in deciding what to purchase.
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chadzgirl i just went thru a similar situation and make sure to watch to see if they are having bowel movements..if they are not having a B.movement then the GItract could be immobile due to an obstruction. hope all is well besides the fact.

Buzby thats some good info with the peanut butter trick, i know my cats love it but i never let em have it..now i might reconsider letting em get a lick or two once a week. I just recently learned about laxatone and got a small tube for 8 bucks..i heard petrolium in general could be bad by blocking nutrient absorbtion. im new to all this my cat is very ill currently and on the operating table for surgery in the morning..im scared and wish i joined earlier to learn about cats.
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