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Pseudomonas- chronic sinus infection

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We rescued Mr. Fuzzy, a great little grey and white guy with apricot touches hear and there, from a life outside about three years ago. He had worms and a bad upper respiratory infection. After a few weeks of treatment, he was in great health. Maybe a year or so later, he started sneezing badly. He was treated with anitbiotics and responded well. Then a few months later, the infection was back. Since then, we have been through various antibiotics, and shortening periods of him being well.

Recently, our vet did a culture as well as flushing Fuzzy's sinuses. Pseudomonas, a very difficult bacteria, was identified. The cultures were also tested for responsiveness to various antibiotics, and none worked.

Mr. Fuzzy is in great health other than having a sneezing fit, with nasty discharge, once or twice a day. Obviously, there is risk from his carrying such an infection.

Our vet has done research and I have done on-line searches, all to no avail. Any recommendations from anyone for dealing with pseudomonas?
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I have a cat that has chronic sinus problems. I give him L-Lysine and he usually has to do a couple rounds of antibiotics a year. I am getting ready to take him to another vet for this. My current vet thinks it's allergies and I think it's herpes virus. The L-Lysine seems to help him alot. My poor little guy can get some pretty big nasty boogers.

None of my other cats have this problem. Frankie did have a upper respritory infection when he was a baby.
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