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Vibes for my Husband Please :(

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So A few Months ago my Husband discovered a lump in his chest. After waiting to get in to see the doctor and finally getting through to finally getting into getting an appt to have an ultrasound on it, this morning he is having an ultrasound on the lump.

So I'm just a wreck this morning waiting here until I hear something... its going to take 2-3 hours, he'll hear something while he's there.

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I hope donĀ“t be serious...
(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((( ))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
Keep the calm...
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Oh My, How scary for you both Many prayers and vibes it's nothing
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Good vibes and wishes coming your way for you and your hubby.
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Good vibes for both you & your husband
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Here's good vibes for your and your husband. I hope its nothing Hang in there!
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lots of for you both
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For both of you!
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Lots of that it's nothing.
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Hope it turns out to be nothing serious.
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Adding my TCS vibes for your husband.
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Your husband is absolutely in my prayers.
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Hopefully you have some good news soon.
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Hoping the test went well and that the news is good.
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Originally Posted by GailC View Post
Hoping the test went well and that the news is good.
adding my & to the rest...
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Plenty of prayers & vibes are headed your way!

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for you both! I hope that the lack of an update is not due to anything bad! May you both just be celebrating that it is nothing!
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Oh, I hate the waiting game! Many vibes going out to your husband and you too!
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My apologies for the late update. I wanted to get all of the information first.

He had the ultrasound done on his chest to look at the lump, he was told it was not cancer and the information from the ultrasound would be sent to his doctor and to make and appt. in 3-5 days with him as by then he will have reviewed the results of the scan and will be able to have a better idea of what it is and what to do.

My question to my husband was... how do they know its not cancer? Did they take a sample from it? Did they remove anything from it to biopsy it? They just took an ultrasound? How do they know.

I'm not trying to make him nervous... but... I mean, if it were ME in there, these are questions *I* would have asked. 'course when you're a man, you dont ask questions'

I mean... I haven't hit the age where you go do yearly mammagram thing done, so I dont know WHAT they are looking for, or what it would look like or any of that.

I did research my question & came up with it would depend on if it was solid or fluid filled... one would think he would have been told SOMTHING about what the 'consistancy' was of it... I would have asked about it... again, I'm inquisitive... I dunno.

So I guess we'll see when he goes to the doctor. Since he didnt ask any questions... 'the wife' didnt get any answers, other than the doctor that looked at the ultrasound image, said... 'thats not cancer'... ?


That's good news to hear... BUT... can anyone tell me HOW by looking at a scan they know that without actually drawing anything out of it, picking at it, or anything... I mean... my husband is a thin man... it wouldnt take much to get to the lump
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I am so happy to hear that they are saying it's not cancer. Thank God! I understand your concern because I would have the same questions. May I suggest that when he goes back to the doctor you go with him? A lot of people don't ask the doctor enough questions. You can help him with that.
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I think it's just as you said: if it's filled with fluid, they can tell that in an ultrasound, and they know it's not cancer, but maybe a cyst of some type. There may be other things they can identify that would rule it out, too. But "not cancer" is good enough for me!
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Great thats its not cancer
Jess x
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Whew, that's a relief! Definitely go back to the doctor with him. I always get DH to come with me to my cardiologist appointments, because I ask a lot of questions, but having an extra person to also think of questions, and to help remember what the doc says is really useful!
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cancer cells have a very specific look, from what i understand... when my mom had her breast cancer, they showed her the film. she said it looked like the pix she had seen of cancer cells - lots of tendrils, etc.
i just had my yearly scan, & there were 2 lumps - but they were both old ones [had them last time, no change]. doctor showed me the films side by side, so that i could see the size & location were the same. mine looked like small white spots on the film - round, in other words.
here's a link to a pic of a breast cancer cell: breast cancer cell
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Late to this thread, but adding my that this is not serious. It is encouraging that the only word at this point is "not cancer".
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