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Update on Jellow...

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So this is the third day since the seizer and he's still wobbling around.

Its about 702am, I'm exhausted and tired and thinking the worst.

I'm terrified that it'll happen again and this time he won't make it thru.

I'm keeping him near me at all times.

My birthday is this upcoming Sunday...if he isn't better, the birthday party I'm having is gonna be a disaster. Jellow is all I can think about.

Khi is trying to be a big girl and help out but just a few mins ago he was trying to walk and she wanted to play knocked him down and he hit his head...just what I was trying to prevent.

He's starting to growl and hiss and be like Khi is, and that's not normal for him.

As for his walking, he is doing pretty good. He still collapses now and then but gets right back up. I feel like he won't let anything get him down

I have to go into work tonight for 5 hrs ..the rest of this week except Thursday and Friday from noon-6 and I'm TERRIFIED of doing that. so so so scared. Today i also have some stuff to do, but I just can't bear the thought of leaving him alone =(

oh ps-theres also a video of him walking that my boyfriend took in my previous post.

Thank you everyone!
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First of all Jello is adorable. Very sweet looking kitty.
Were you able to work something out with someone? I hope so. Money should never be an obstacle and I feel for your situation. I really do. The economy is horrible and gas prices are horrible so there is not a lot of extra money these days.
Maybe you can have someone check on him every couple of hours just to make sure he is ok.
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Would I be able to leave him alone for that long??
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Well, the ideal would be to have him with someone the entire time you are gone but if that is not possible then I figured at least you could rotate people to come and check on him. If you have some days you can take off then maybe use one but I know it is not always easy to do that.
I am not sure what kind of job you have or else I would say bring him with you.
I feel sorry for you for being in such a tough predicament.
Can you take him to your parent's house?
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Can you get Care Credit? If it was what my Manx had he would be better. it must be something else. I hope he feels better.
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I tried going thru PetMed for the Credit Care so they can cover my office visit, but I wasn't approved ...

He's eating like a champ, he's begining to play again and he's making ME so proud

I love him with every piece of me.

I think Khi is using this as an advantage and I think she's tryna be more like Jellow playfuland everything.

They're wonderful!
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We can all appreciate the worry you have for you kitty. And, of course, we all hope he will turn out OK.

If he suffered an injury, I would be very careful about handling him too much. Let him rest and heal as much as possible.
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poor jellow! trust me, it can take a few days to get over a seizure. he probably feels like his little brains are fried and like every muscle in his body has had one big charlie horse that didnt end. he will probably be sore for a week or so! be gentle with him!
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