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The daily thread July 14, 2008

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Well the day is starting off sunny and cool!! But warmers temps, humidity and more rain follows for the remainder of the week.

So that changes my work plans a bit as I will really have to leave soon and squeeze more in today.

Not much else going on-another post about my icky stomach.

Have to do some weeding in veg garden and raspberries are ready to pick however not a big crop this year-bummer.

Have a good day!!
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Today has been miserable,got tax papers in the mail, ew tax time.Then i went to the vet to get the quarantine sorted and she is gone forthe next two weeks! I feel like im running out of time! house stinks. Gottaclean before i go to work!
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Good morning,

Today should be a nice day. Unfortunately, I'll be inside all day, first at work then at the university for a presentation.
Work should be very quiet today, to the point where I'll have a hard time staying awake. At least I have to prepare instructions for my replacement who starts next week. The better my instructions, the less time she'll need me for training, the sooner I can quit!!! Now that's a motivation!

First, I need to eat breakfast, make a lunch and water my garden.

Have a nice day everyone!
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Good morning

Today hasn't started off so well. Someone had messed with my work computer this weekend and caused it to be all sorts of messed up. I had to start it 3 times before it would actually work. Then I had to rush some IDL's at work, they are due by this Friday, which means I should have prepped the first batch this past Friday. I don't even think I got the email about them until Friday afternoon. This rather aggravating song is on the radio ("Kissed a Girl" or something like that. All of us are tired of hearing it every hour or two, but this is the only radio station that comes in inside the lab!). Got a ton of work today as well.

It's going to be 90* and muggy, with a chance of severe thunderstorms in the afternoon (broken record for the last two weeks or more...) No rain this past weekend though.

Oh why did the weekend have to end? I'm ready to just get back in my bed and curl up for a few more days!!
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Morning All!!!

Rainy here this morning and much cooler.

Off work today so am going to run some errands this morning and just goof off this afternoon I guess.

I am still a little tired from my cold which is much better now so some R&R will be a nice break.

The kitties are all napping right now after tearing around the house all morning.

Everyone have a good day
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Good Morning
It should be a good day. Both kitties are doing well and are happy. They are not happy to have the windows closed but with the temperature near a 100 again I need the airconditioner
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Haven't been up to much again today, just gave Bun her medicine and she was enjoying racing around the garden with Mitzi

Not in a good mood now though cuz my TCS has gone funny...can't do stuff on the User CP that I should be able to

Ah well.

Later I'm off for a meal with my 'fabulous' family. Urgh.

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Good Morning! Well, today is my 'Friday' as I work an odd week. They say it's about 60 outside right now, but I doubt that... it'll get up in the 80's supposedly... I wouldn't be surprised if it goes higher. I have chores and sewing this morning, and then work from 1-9:30 tonight...

Still waiting with bated breath about this other job... seems my count takes it's OWN sweet time doing things, even if they say they're doing it earlier... They supposedly mailed the letters June 23rd... nope... I haven't gotten one yet. And they send you something either way...

I'll go try and wake up now...

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My 14th of July is nearly over. Its 11:12 pm in Singapore as I'm typing. The day has been kinda sleepy as I had work-related training for the whole day, and this will go on for the next two days. I sneaked my laptop into the training room and did a bit of work while typing as quietly as I could, so it wasn't too bad.
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I woke up on the futon in the spare room this morning. The fact that it takes my husband 2 minutes to fall asleep peeves me off so much it's all I can think about and it prevents me from being able to sleep!

The rain yesterday had lifted some of the mugginess and there is a nice breeze coming through my open windows. It's a good clean-up day because who knows how long the bearable humidity will last before it's back to sitting on the couch all day beause it's too hot to move.

5 days until we begin our drive home to Nova Scotia for a wedding.
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Originally Posted by LorEye View Post
I woke up on the futon in the spare room this morning. The fact that it takes my husband 2 minutes to fall asleep peeves me off so much it's all I can think about and it prevents me from being able to sleep!
Me too! Poor thing, you have my sympathy!

Weather here is unremarkable. It was over cast and yucky this morning, but not cold. A bit of a chill in the air which has probably gone already- but it still won't get very warm. At least I'm not spending all day in the office wishing I was out enjoying the weather!

I'm feeling kinda rough today. I think my allergies are just getting to me. I haven't had them this bad in years, and now it's been going on for 3 weeks. Ah well, at least my period is done!

Weekend was really busy, among other things "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof" opened at my theater. Interesting play... It kept me busy most of the weekend, so today I make up for playing all weekend by doing chores!

Happy Monday everyone!
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Good evening folks!

I was busy this morning as Josh was leaving..No time for TCS so early in the morn today.

Not much happened today..went to work. bleh. Now I am doing laundry and thinkin about having a nap.
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