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Need Help With Avatar/Usertitle!!

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*I thought I would let you know that I have posted a total of about 1,203 posts and since I joined on May 31st, 2006 I have well over 150 days of membership.*

My question is this:

Surely this means that now my status is 'Top Cat' I can post my own message under my name and use animated avatars?

When I try and upload animated avatars, it simply says "You cannot use animated images". But apart from those peeps who have used custom made ones, I've seen lots of TCS users with animated avatars!?

And I also have no idea how to post my own message under my name

Any help would be much appreciated

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Heres the link that explains it. But i'll send a message to admin for you
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Thanks. I'd read that previously, but I just didn't know how to put a message.

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If you go into "User cp" at the top left hand corner, click on "Edit profile", then scroll down where you see "Custom user profile", and that's where you type in whatever you want
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Aha! That explains it, I was looking in the wrong place. Stupid blonde!


Now all I need to do is try and use an animated avatar, and think of something to write...
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Hi, Laura! Will you please try again to upload your own personal avatar? If you're still having trouble, I will personally assist you.
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I've just tried to upload an avatar of my own but it doesn't say anywhere about using one! I used to have a still picture of a horse, but now that's disappeared too

I've tried clicking onto the arrow where it shows all of the status's (kitten, young cat etc) and it only goes up to adult. And instead of it showing all avatars on the same screen, there is like 1 page per picture!

Oh, and I also can't edit my usertitle message anymore.

Help me please!!

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I've tried it again this morning, but it is still doing the same as above.

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Laura, if you will please post the picure you would like to have as your avatar, I will put it up for you

Also, what would you like your user title to say?
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This is the avatar that I would like please


I've decided that I'm not gonna change my usertitle, especially if that means that I have to ask you to do it all the time cuz that wouldn't be fair.

Is there any way I can change the avatar or the usertitle myself so you don't have to keep doing it for me? It doesn't matter if there isn't, then I'll stick with what I've got. It's not fair for me to keep asking you to change everything

Thanks again

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If that is the one you were trying to upload, it did not work because it is much larger than the 50 x 50 pixel size you are allowed.

This is a resize:

If you still want it at this size, one of us can upload it for you.

Also, you are only allowed one line of text with the signature you are using, so please reduce your text. Thanks.
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Thank you, Karen!
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Ok thanks

Here is the avatar I would like please:

It is supposed to be animated but that doesn't matter. I have checked it and it is 49 x 49 pixels

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all set.
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Thank you!
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Laura, can you try changing your user title now and let us know if it works?
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Yep, I've just changed it several times and it seems to be working fine!

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Everything seems to be working fine now guys!

Thanks a lot
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