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Just popping in to say hello...I haven't been here in a while. I guess I need to go catch up on some threads...

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OMG Kim! It is SO good to see you here!

Don't be a stranger!
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OMG! How Are you!!!?? LOL!

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Hola Kim....It was really a big long time...
Welcome back, and I hope we can see you more often here!...
I always love your nicely and original siggy,.. your 4 little felons.....

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Good to see you here, too. One sad thing, of my little fellons (Spot) my little black and white boy died of cancer. I tell ya...I don't think I'll ever get of losing that boy...

I have, however, managed to rescue a beautiful white deaf kitty, who showed up on my porch shortly after losing Spot...she's my little "special" girl..I'll be posting her picture soon... Anyway she has helped me alot through my grief

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oh my friend... I´m really so sorry about your loss.......RIP to Spot...
Now you have a little angel on heaven looking for you......

can´t wait to see at your lovely Girl...:hug: wich one is her name?..., Spot never will be forget, and she came to your life to help you my friend!..

Well I hope the site can help you my friend...
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Hello, stranger! It's been quite awhile since you were around. Sorry to hear about Spot crossing the bridge.
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Long time, no see, stranger.....lets don't make it so long between drop-ins next time.....ok? So sorry to hear about Spot, seems there's been a rash of "older" TCS members losing kitties of late.....sigh. Have missed you!
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I am so sorry about Spot.

I have a deaf kitty - they are so special.

I am good - back in New Zealand now.

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Sorry to hear about Spot passing over the bridge!
Glad you came back to check in! Stick around for a while!
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Here's a picture of my little angel, Hellen..Like I said earlier, the poor thing is deaf....That makes her even MORE special to me...she's my little baby girl.

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KIM! It's so nice to "see" you!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm so sorry to hear about Spot.

...but Hellen looks so sweet. We love our little deaf Flowerbelle - they ARE special.

Hope you find more time for TCS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We moved out of the RV in 2004 - and moved back in a couple weeks ago.

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OMG KIM!!!!!

It's so good to see you again!!!

I'm so sorry to hear about Spot crossing the bridge. But I feel so very sure that Spot had a paw in showing Hellen the right place to go - both for her and for his Meowmy. He knew that you needed a little help in healing your heart.

Little Hellen is beautiful. How are the rest of the kitties doing?
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hey you- hope all is well with you Kim-what a wonderful surprise to see you posting-
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