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Better Pictures!

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So here are some more pics of my (almost) 3-week-old kitten...the one who I think is longhaired...again can anyone give me their opinions on how long his hair will be?

(his new name is Freckle )

Heres his cute little face Notice the long fine hairs on his leg??

His tail: it looks kindof bushy to me

His stomache looks fluffier than the others'......

His pretty coat :]

Any help would be appreciated!!
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Hmm, I'd say medium length at the most but a short medium. Chloe's was longer than that and right now at almost 11 months old she is nowhere near as long-haired as my Persian/Mix cat, Matilda. I consider Chloe medium-to-long (closer to medium). It's hard to tell with kittens though.

This is how long Chloe's hair was at 6 weeks:

This was her hair at 12 1/2 weeks:

These 2 pictures where taken when she was 1 week shy of being 10 months old. She is on the small side for her age (imo).

That sure is a cute kitten, but so young! I hope the mom is around (and will be spayed soon?).
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Short to Medium in my opinion. At most.
They are all rather fluffy at that age. I thought my 2 would be mediums but they are turning out to be short at 3 months. One has longer hair but not enough to be medium yet although she is in between.
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Yeah! ofcourse the mothers around, lol, I have a litter of 5 and they're only 3 weeks old..well amost.

This one I think his hair just looks longer than the rest of them.
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