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Do you ever panic

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When you look for your kitties and can't find them right away? I just looked all over for about five minutes before finding Popsie. I checked in all his favorite sleeping spots, then checked other places. When I couldn't find him I started getting panicky. I'm not afraid that he's gotten out but with his age I'm scared he's hidden somewhere to die. So anyway, I went back to the bedroom closet where I had already looked and called to him. I heard a meow and looked to see him in the corner of the closet comfied up on a giant stuffed frog I have.
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Yes, because I have a few deafies who would be killed rapidly should they escape & many I'd never catch again.
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Probably every other week I have a panicked moment - why the darn cats are so happy to meow loudly at 2:00 in the morning and not when I'm calling them, I don't know!
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Originally Posted by darlili View Post
Probably every other week I have a panicked moment - why the darn cats are so happy to meow loudly at 2:00 in the morning and not when I'm calling them, I don't know!
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I am ALWAYS like that. Overprotective, paranoid, the worst mom EVER. lol my family thinks I'm nuts. But Bella is my child, it's like when people lose their kids in a store, you know?
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Yea I did today because I couldnt find Coco anywhere and she is 16. I was afraid she got outside and she has never been out. She turned up behind the ladder.
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try keeping track of 12 it's weird though, cause I know immediately when one is not around. I can usually find them right away, the only exception was Dionysius. When I first got him he his for 2 weeks and I swear I didn't know where he found to hide but he was totally MIA
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I had a scare once. My cats were living with my friend in her flat (long story, parents didn't allow cats in the house. Cassie came to me and subsequently had her litter while they were abroad working. The cats were in the process of being fostered out when my parents suddenly decided they wanted to come back to Singapore, so they went to live with my friend). They had a whole room to themselves, and usually I make sure the window grilles were open just a crack to let some fresh air in.

Well one day Cassie and Wukong went missing, and we saw paw prints on the window sill. Outside the window was the corridor, so we panicked and ran around floor to floor looking for them. They were no where to be found.

The next evening, I heard a very faint "meow". Thinking it was either of them, I dashed outside to the corridor but there was no cat there. Sixth sense made me open the door to their room and there was Wukong standing in the middle of the room looking very lost and forlorn. Turns out he must have decided not to follow his mum and had hidden himself in a corner of the room in fright (he gets skittish when his momma isn't around) and stayed there silent through the night. Poor boy...

We put posters with Cassie's description and photo around the area and after about a week received a call from a kind neighbour who had taken her in after finding her wandering around on the ground floor. My friend stays on the 17th floor, I really wonder how she got down there!

Side note: I finally fostered Cassie out after Wukong's passing to a nice family who stayed in a flat. I told them about Cassie's escapade and they decided to set up wire meshing on their main gate leading out to the corridor. Cassie watched them as they worked through the day setting up a meshing which covered about 3/4 the height of the full-length gate. When they finally finished, Cassie took a flying leap and landed outside the gate and proceeded to wash herself while her foster parents stared dumbfounded, wondering if they should laugh or cry
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Oh yeah, I freak when Mecha goes missing, she likes to hide I think lol
these days I shake the food box when I want to find her if she's no where to be seen lol
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I'm lucky all mine come when called, or if they're somewhere really comfortable they'll yell out to me. And they're usually together, which helps.

I always call them out before I leave the house to make sure no one's stuck in a cupboard or something.
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I like to know where my lot are and if when i call one dont come i panic , Lucy got out the other day ( son opened his bedroom window and didnt shut his door and she jumped out ) and i was a mess till i found her , i dont like her out till her tail is amputated im scared she will get it trapped and with her having no feeling in it she might panic and do more harm to herself
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Yea I panic on a regular basis. Mine usually ignore me when I call unless they think they are going to get something out of coming One of the worst scares was a few years ago when a deaf one went missing. After about two hours, me in tears and hysterics we found out that our 5 yr. old grandson had put her in her carrier in the closest There she was happy as a clam all comfy in her blanket.
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I get worried only after I shake the treat bottle and they don't come running. But there aren't many hiding places in this house. And usually if they're trapped in a closed room, closet, or cabinet they freak out and start making a lot of noise.

when they are "missing" they are usually on my bed, or in the basement on dh's army stuff (they love his stuff).
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Yes, I'm very protective of my girls. I make sure that I see them right before I leave and that I see them as soon as I come home, and I'm always checking on them every hour or so when I'm home and they aren't in the same room with me.

I know where Chynna's hiding spots are, and most of Abby's, though Abby has one spot that I don't know about somewhere in the bedroom.
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I think it was Ray Bradbury who said that cats are time-travellers, and those occasions when a cat vanishes and then reappears someplace where you already looked are occasions when the cat was elsewhen. (There has to be a gap between his leaving the 'present' and coming back to prevent the cat from being in two different places at the same time.)
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Had my panic moment yesterday but turns out she was actually gone.
Woke up, couldn't find my glasses so set the boyfriend on a hunt for them since i'm blind as a bat. He freaks me out by saying that the window screen is out. I call and call Morgan but nothing. I'm blind as a bat outside yesterday calling my cats name. I hear meowing and she's sitting by the apt building door.
Can I just say I live on the top floor of an apt building, panic attack of the month knowing that she jumped at least 12 feet to get to the roof above the front doors.
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When we were moving, DH lost Pearl. He looked all over the house, outside, afraid that she had gotten out through the dryer vent after he moved it. I found him in his coveralls after his second trip under the house, head in his hands. He was convinced that she had gotten out, and since she is a little addled from being abused before we got her, and could never survive outside. I finally found her in the corner of a deep kitchen cupboard.
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Originally Posted by Zane's Pal View Post
I think it was Ray Bradbury who said that cats are time-travellers, and those occasions when a cat vanishes and then reappears someplace where you already looked are occasions when the cat was elsewhen. (There has to be a gap between his leaving the 'present' and coming back to prevent the cat from being in two different places at the same time.)
I think cats can make themselves invisble. Do you ever notice how a cat can end up in a room without you seeing them enter. Or how they seem to arrive in a particular room ahead of you. Then you stand there scratching your head, wondering how they did it.
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Oh, yeah, I worry when Murray doesn't come running as soon as I get home, like he usually does. Even though I know he didn't get out when I left, so he must be SOMEwhere in the apartment... and even though I'm positive that I haven't shut him in a closet or anything. I guess I worry that someone from the apartment maintenance or management came by while I was gone, and somehow let him out. Or that he is sick and hiding away someplace like he does when he's not feeling well. It's always a relief when he eventually turns up.
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Yes, I get very panicked if I can't find one of my cats, especially Molly because she relentlessly tries to sneak outside. The fact is she has gotten outside without me noticing her, so I definitely do get scared when I can't find her. She's also brilliant at finding places to go where I wouldn't possibly think of looking for her!
Since she is so incredibly fast I generally pick her up so she can't dart out when I open the door to go out.

Polly is not the type to sneak out. Well, she has gotten out once, but she got so scared she crawled under the stairs to hide while Molly tried exploring and doesn't have any inclination to try to get out again.

But yes, I totally agree that they seem to like to hide when I really need to find them, but when it's 3:30 AM and they decide they want to eat or play they have no problem with trying to wake me up.
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Yes. Nabu is an excellent hider. So much so that I wouldn't doubt he has a secret hiding spot in a parallel universe. Last weekend we found him under 3 pillows in the closet, after searching the entire apartment 3 times!
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Now I don't feel so silly.........I freak out at the thought of one of the babies getting out. Scuddel got out once he was about 4 feet from the door, I walked slow a called softly, and scooped his butt up, and burst into tears.
All kittens are microchiped just because my city scans. But I don't know if they would live out in the mean neighborhood long enough to get to the ASPCA.
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Mollysmom - What beautiful Siamese you have! They remind me of my Murray boy.
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Oh my goodness do I ever! Our cats rarely hide or ignore our calls. If I'm calling for one of the kitties and it doesn't show up within a few minutes are start to worry. And when they hide....My heart stops!

I'm a worry wart!
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Originally Posted by EmeraldSongbird View Post
lol my family thinks I'm nuts.
My son used to tell me I worry too much..

I get panicky too sometimes - especially since Winchester & Geronimo were 'diagnosed' with the dry form of FIP, and they don't respond when I call them - or when they're having one of their 'attacks'. I also worry a lot about Maverick & Gabriel now, b/c they're getting old. They all normally come to me when called, so when they don't, I get paranoid.

Of course they're usually just fine, and are just ignoring me - as only a cat can do..

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If I can't find my girls, I just call out "babies" and they come running... lol
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I've done that many times. Fortunately, Tailer will always come running if I start singing . Forest isn't always so cooperative, though.
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Yup, I panic often. Snickers is a very good hider so there are a lot of times I cannot find her and think she must have gotten outside when the boys opened the door. Usually have five or so minuets of calling and calling for her, she will appear out of no where look at me as to say, "What is your issue? I was sleeping". I still have not found her special hiding spots.
Jazz is a great escape artist so I also am concerned about him.
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