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Care schedule?

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So red is turning 1 year old next month. Are there any yearly things I should be planning for (rabies shots, etc)?

He seems to be in excellent health, which is great. I just want to be sure I don't forget to get him his 10,000-mile check-up!

I realize now this is in the wrong forum. Should be under Health & Nutrition.
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Ok, maybe just me, but I'm a big believer in annual check ups for younger cats and establishing a working relationship with a vet. In my county, rabies shots are required (and I wouldn't skip anyway - even an indoor kitty might inadvertently be exposed to a rabid animal, such as a bat). And, at least my vet is happy to discuss current vaccination protocols and what would be recommended for my situation. We also do a fecal float.

If nothing else, you get a base line on your cat in a healthy state, and trained eyes double checking to catch anything amiss, perhaps minor now, but more serious if it advances, such as checking teeth and gums at least annually. And, as an established client, you have a resource that knows you in case you have a real emergency - so you're not checking the yellow pages hoping to find someone available.

I just had my girl in a week ago - including getting her nails clipped, the entire bill was $95. So, basically, if I put a bit away every week, it's covered and I feel better.
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minimum would be yearly shots [rabies yearly required in my state].
maximum - yearly shots, annual exam - senior panel beginning at age 9-10 & annually after that.
annual exam should include a dental inspection [if you're able to brush Red's teeth, kudos to you!] w/possible scaling if necessary [depends on the condition of the teeth].
that's the basic stuff... doesn't include those visits when they're ill, of course!
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