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heres our other hobby

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theses are Jakes pride and joy
his 55 gal fish tank

and his 50

btw this is jake....lol

thanks for all the help with jellow and khi
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Hi Jake! Love the fish tanks! I love watching fish but I've never had much luck with them. The last one I had the pet store said it was a barracudda shark, but it looked more like a catfish to me. But he got HUGE! BTW, is that a Corona bottle in the second tank?
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Nice tanks! What fish do you have in each of em? And yeah! I see a Corona bottle in there too... Trying to get your fish drunk I see
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Ooooh those are SO NICE!!!

I'm actually looking for a 55 gallon or more right now, but they all seem so expensive.

Do you or anyone know where I can get some cheap ones? I know they're big and deserve a good price, but still...
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Love the tanks! Marine or freshwater? I do like the Corona bottle too! I can't wait to get into bigger tanks, but stuck living with my parents until I get a handle on all my student loans, I'm limited to 2 10 gallon water tanks and a 20L hermit crab tank (plus cat and dog lol)

Keep your eyes peeled on Craigslist for tanks... my local list has had LOTS of larger tanks for sale lately and a lot of them are like complete set ups for decent prices (tank, decor, filters, lighting/hood and some even offering their fish)... just saw a 125 for $600 (included basically everything) that I almost died over but it's just a dream for now lol
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Oh hey, there are bottles in both tanks! hahaha Guess we know someone's favorite beer

Some how, I don't think Yuengling bottles would do my tanks much justice lol
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