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Anyone feed Pet Promise

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I am looking to getting my two cats on a better dry food diet. Gabby is 8 years old and has been overweight in the past. She loves food! My other cat named 13 is 4 years old and neither are picky eaters.

Does anyone here feed their cat Pet Promise?

I am wanting to buy a food for older cats that is of course good quality and something I can buy from Petco. If there are better suggestions I am open to hearing them. Thanks
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All that I can suggest is that overweight cats seem to lose weight better on wet food. The calories count is lower, the carbs are lower and the moisture level is higher.

Petco sells Wellness foods....they are highly rated. I feed mine a combination of wet Wellness, and dry Wellness. Their main amount is from the wet, though. Because I work and don't want my cats to be hungry if I'm later than usual getting home, the dry food will tide them over.

My Phoebe was a solid 16.6 pounds as at April 10, then I switched her from an all dry menu (Hill's T/D per her Vet) to wet Wellness, and dry Wellness Weight Management. As of July 5, she weighed 15.84 pounds...which is a healthy weight loss. She still has 4.84 pounds to go....poor girl..... The good thing is...she is not complaining about being hungry...
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I have fed it to my cats. It seems like a great food but as usual, Sharky is the expert! They love it but will also eat anything. They really California Natural vanned food a lot.
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Ollie will basically eat any dry with no problems or complaining (even if it isn't "properly" introduced into his diet - got stuck a few times without his normal food) but I had gotten free Pet Promise samples of dog and cat dry and when I mixed it into Ollie's regular food, he got quite gassy - and it had to be that because NOTHING else in his life changed... so in my personal experience, I won't pick it for my cat because kitty farts are well, they're kitty farts you know how that goes.

As stated, Sharky's the best at rating foods that I've seen, so hopefully she'll come along or send a PM.
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the wet s are good .. the dry for the price is so so ...
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My favorite food at PetCo is Wellness. Wellness CORE is probably the best dry cat food that PetCo sells. Wellness doesn't have a senior formula, but they do have a 'healthy weight' formula. I'm not sure if that would be appropriate for older cats as I don't know anything about senior cat nutrition.

For overweight cats, I would do measured-portion feedings instead of free-feeding them (leaving dry food out all day). Also, wet food tends to have less calories than dry food so if you can feed some wet instead of dry, that should help. You have to be careful with weight loss with cats because if they lose weight too fast, it can be harmful. Check out this website, but also talk to your vet about the overweight kitty.

As for other dry foods from PetCo, it depends on what you want to spend, but I would take a look at:
- Natural Balance Original Lite
- Royal Canin 27 or 28 (27 is for indoor senior cats, 28 is for indoor/outdoor senior cats)
- Nutro Natural Senior (try the indoor senior formula if they are prone to hairballs, otherwise go with the regular complete senior formula)
- Nutro Max Senior
- Blue Buffalo Spa Select Mature Cat Food
- Solid Gold (not sure if ok for seniors)
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I feed the dry to my outdoor strays. They seem to like it. I also feed the the wet. The wet is pretty good and you can get it at some grocery stores.
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Pet promise cat food is made up of meat of the pasture-fed kind of animals, poultry firms and meats of fishes which are collected from ocean. Therefore, the pet promise cat foods is eco-friendly, natural and more nutritious.
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My guys refuse to eat it.
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Thanks for all the input.
My cat Gabby is not overweight anymore, but I do feel like I need watch what type of food I change her to since I don't want her getting fat again. So I will look more into some of these brands you all have talked about. Thanks for the help.
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MY suggestion is first have a both get senior panels ( blood work that can detect issues early)..

wet food by volume is less caloric and has less carbs( in most cats carbs are the wt gain causer)
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