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I just wanted to see if anyone knows of reasons not to do this or anything I should be careful of?
I bought a pet bicycle basket, so far I took Church out in it once and he really seemed to enjoy it! He is used to going outside- I usually take him out on a harness or in a stroller. He's not scared of dogs or people so I am not worried about scaring him (a neighbor's big Lab once ran up and sniffed him when I had the kittens out in the stroller; he didn't care.)
I know I need to watch out for dogs anyway but I usually rarely see dogs when out biking and can avoid them-- never seen one off leash while biking. The basket also has a zippered top so the pet can be zippered into it where they can't be seen if needed. I ride very slowly and on paved trails so I don't think flying debris is a problem (I ride slower than most joggers.) Anything else I am overlooking?