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Ok you guys...

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I don't know if you guys pay attention to college basketball. (I am a HUGE college sport supporter)

Okay so here's the deal. The Championship game is tonight. In a few hours actually. It is Kansas University vs Syracuse. BOTH teams are talented, and have exceptional coaches, as well as, exceptional athletic programs.

I am a Kansas fan.. mostly because they have an awesome coach, awesome program, and their players have worked so dang hard the past two years. Last year they got to the final four, only to be shut out by Maryland who went on to win the Championship. They spent that entire summer at basketball camps and in intense training, started school and practicing very very hard. They made it past the final four and into the championship game this year!! They have some very very very talented seniors who want this and deserve it! Their coach has never won a championship game either.

Don't get me wrong.. Syracuse is an excellent team, but I want Kansas to win. So.. for those of you who are indifferent to the two.. please pray and cheer for Kansas for me! So I can see my boys take home a championship ring before they graduate!

GO KANSAS:flash:

P.S. When Craig and I get home from watching the game tonight (we're going to Chili's to see it) I'll post again and let you guys know what happened. I've been sending silent little prayers up all day. I've got the pre-game jitters and I'm not even playing!
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One of my buddies wants the orange team to win so that is who i'm rooting for :LOL:
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I don't have a TV, but I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for Kansas, Cassie! BTW, is Kansas the orange? Or are they a different color?

Sports may as well be another language for me, I'm so clueless! I know the rules, since I used to play basketball, but I don't follow any of the teams/leagues/tournaments/whatever else you might call it. LOL I hope your team wins, though!
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LOL Orange is Syracuse

Kansas is Blue

Princess Purr, you tell your friend I said NO WAY!!
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Oddly enough, I saw a little snippet about this on the news tonight... one of Syracuse's players (McNamara) is from this general area, so they've been following him through his college season. But since *I* don't know him, I'll root for Kansas for you Cassie.
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I don't know diddly about College b-ball either...but I'm rooting for Kansas only because I only live 10 miles from Kansas! Isn't that a good reason?
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I don't do basketball, my fiance' had Kansas to go all the way in his brackets. Hmmmm....
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Is the game on? Are we winning yet? LOL I hate having no TV!!
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