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Kitten Pictures *cuteness warning* :)

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Here is a few shot from today of Buttons babies.
She is SLOWLY getting better but needs constant reassurance and someone has to be with her all the time, but these little faces are worth it!!

Question : I included a pic of momma & daddy ....we are shocked that they produced a pure white kitten!!! can someone can explain that to me

Mom & Dad

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awwww they are soo cute! =o) I'm glad Buttons is doing better! I have a feeling these kits will be ok no matter what... their faces are worth doing it yourself, if ya had to.
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I agree! It sure dont take long for a family to get attached to these little guys. I will do everything in my power to make sure they are well taken care of
She has been in the bedroom with them for at least half an hour now all by herself so hopefully the sign of better things to come from momma!
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OMG they are Precious Congrats to Buttons Buttons and her Babies Daddy are so beautiful
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She is learning. I am sure Lucia had a learning curve at first too. I think they all do to varying degrees. Some take to it but aren't nearly as good as when they are old pros at it.
She is doing better and by helping her bond you are helping those precious cutie pies.
The pure white kitten-
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They are simply a-d-o-r-a-b-l-e :]
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Could the white kitten be an albino? How would you tell between a regular white kitten and an albino one?
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I was wondering the same thing...wonder if the eyes will tell, once they open that

There is a tiny little bit of white on the dad....but not much at all, most is a dark grey and light grey and he has orange around his scruff and his undercoat seems almost orange...there is no white at all on mom.

I have no idea how the genetics of it all work but I thought it was amazing that these 2 dark kitties produced a pure white kitty lol
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They are so adorable. I am sorry to hear all the problems you are having with Buttons and send some well wishes that everything goes good for all of you!!!

The white one is too cute. I wonder the same thing about the litter mine had, she had one orange just makes you wonder.

Enjoy those precious angels!!!

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