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Mabels Story

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I have a stray cat I named Mabel (because when I first saw here she was sat on a table... ) . She took up residence in our garage about 3 months ago we think (we discovered her about 6 weeks ago) and she is extremely anti-human. We aren't sure whether she had Indy (my indoor kitten) in our garage or if she moved him there after he was born. On our local Cat's Protection advice we blocked the hole she accessed the garage through and gave her food, water and litter so we could try catch her. We also put worming powder in her food.
After a week I found out she had a kitten with her and I was allowed to watch her eat.
At two weeks I could stroke her while she ate. After showing photos of Indy to our vet and seeing he was eating some solids we guessed he was about 6 weeks old and were advised that if he wasn't caught and tamed soon it would be too late. We also wanted to get Mabel spayed ASAP as we found out next doors tom isn't neutered and he was trying to break into the garage.
We borrowed a humane trap from Cat's Protection and caught Indy first. He went and had a vets checkup putting him at approx 6-8 weeks. He was a little thin and very dusty.
We then caught Mabel and took her to the vets for a checkup, they put her at maybe 7 years old and in very poor condition, her coat brittle and dry, eyes sore, thin, she had poorly healed injuries all down one side including broken ribs, scrapes, broken pelvis, and several scrapes, all healed slightly wonky. Vet said last time he saw those injuries the cat had been thrown from a moving car and she couldn't be spayed until we improved her condition some more. So we caged her for our safety and hers, feeding her as much as she would eat and lots of water. A week later she had gained 2-4 ounces and was declared fit for surgery. After her op we kept her inside for 2 days but she was off her food, withdrawn and miserable so we were advised to let her loose in the garage again... where she instantly perked up. Also whilst she was unconscious the vet gave her a thorough check and re-evaluated her age at about 4 years old, her poor state misleading him before.
Anyways... that was 3 weeks ago and today Mabel let me stroke her again for first time since she was released. She has also been coming into the back porch for her food in the evening of her own free will for 2 weeks, though not letting us near her. I hope we will eventually coax her inside for night at least, even better if we can get her in by winter. Unfortunately she doesn't like our dogs so that is a major issue.
She is now sleek and moves a lot more fluidly, no limp anymore. Her coat is glossy and no longer brittle, she looks like a different cat! She's still slender but now a healthy weight.

Anyway, I just thought I'd share her story as I am amazed she survived some sort major accident when pregnant, then give birth and hunt and raise a kitten whilst still recovering from said accident.
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Wow!! I could just KILL someone for doing that!!! (tossing animal from car!!)

Glad you were able to help her out. She is a very strong and deserving kitty!
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That's fabulous, doesn't it make it all worth it when they improve like that and start to trust you

I wonder if she had other kittens who didn't survive
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What a nice story --- thank you for sharing!

Mabel sure sounds like one tough cookie, and obviously she has quite a strong will to live. And obviously it has paid off because she found a caring human to take care of her and her kitten!
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thanks for saving her!
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Aww I am so glad to hear Mabel is improving. I am sure by winter she will at least come in for the night. You may be able to heat a little space in the garage for her. Just in case.
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well good news today

Last night Mabel came into the kitchen to eat!!!!!

she has only eaten in the back porch until now, and then only if the kitchen door was shut.
last night I put her food just inside kitchen as an experiment as I was doing the dishes and she came in! so I carried on doing dishes and chatting to her as she sat and ate

Yay Mabel!
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Great story! Glad she is getting the trust back. I need to ask how is Indy? Any chance you can get pictures?
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here is Mabel whilst recovering from her spay

and a couple piccies of Indy in the house

He loves cartoons

Playing with my Labrador

Looking where he can pounce

preparing to attack the camera

will try get a pic of Mabel in the kitchen tonight
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here's Mabel in the kitchen

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