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I am 13 going to be 14 in july.. Heh I finally can get a job then and spoil my kitties rotten.. lol.. ( local burger king hires at 14 )
Despite my age I am very mature for my age.
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I'm really 24, but if anybody else asks it's 17. A waitress the other day guessed 28 because my date was 30, she had to card us. Needless to say she didn't get a good tip.
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I wish that somebody would card ME!
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i feel retired... meaning i am averaging 59-1/2?
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22. B'day is in August.
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Since I am still very new I was wondering how old everyone was in this forum. I was just wondering....ya know, to say a quick few a past it on kind of thing. To find more about each other.
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I started a thread like this a while is the old thread..
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ahhhhHHH...okay well I tried...If any one wanted to know ...Im about to be 20 July 4th...yall probably already celebrate my Birthday...hehe
Oh and my fiance just turned 21...
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I'm 20 and will be 21 2 days after Thanksgiving. Hubby is 21.
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im 25 going to be 26 at the end of this month the 30 th
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I'm 26
Nick is 37
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hi im 25 im going to be 26 this month may 30th
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Chriztal, I just wanted to let you know that you can still post on the old thread if you want to. Posting on that thread will bring it back to the top of this forum where others who are interested will be able to see it easily.
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I'm 17
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Since we already have a thread w/ our ages, I'm going to merge this one in to that one.
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I'll be 50 on July 5, DH will be 42 on July 8, Amy pup is 4 and Preston pup is 3 1/2. I know Sam is at least 14 years old, and the pitty sisters (Daphne and Josie) are 4. The Wright Brothers (Orvill and Wilber) are 6. Everyone else is somewhere in between.

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Looks like I kind of came in late on this. but I turned 44 in January. I feel more like I'm 34...
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I am 26.
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I am 23!!!!
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Old enough to know better,But don't!!
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hi! i'll be 21 on July 31!
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I'll be 35 in less than a month.

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