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Trapped 4...!

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BUT 2 were cats I trapped for the last clinic and 1 was a silly ole opossum!!! (I thought cats that had been trapped won't go back in a trap? lol)

I am not sure what kind of luck you would call that (lol) but I am extremely frustrated that I only had 1 cat that I could bring in. And this morning when I was dropping the cat off...I noticed part of his ear was tipped!! It was not the same ear that this group clips, but it was WAY too straight of a cut to have been bitten off! So we'll see when I pick him/her up if it has been fixed before or not!!
There are still about 3 cats in the colony that I just cannot trap...it is starting to frustrate me!!!
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I know the feeling, we still have 4 more to trap We trapped 7 and 2 of them were already fixed, but their ear wasn't tipped

Good luck next time
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Hey, there's only so much you can control. With perserverance I'm confident that some or all of the remaining 3 cats will be trapped. Thank you for caring about all of them!
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