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Kitten Eating Senior Cat Food

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My little brat refuses to eat his kitten formula, he insists upon eating my senior's food. I've tried separating them, but he just cries at the door. My kitten needs the kitten food for growth which the senior cat food doesn't have the right nutrients for a kitten. I tried blending a little of the senior food with his kitten food to try and fool him, but he refuses to eat it. He constantly eats the senior food. I don't want him to get to the point where he won't eat and I've tried several different kitten formulas and he likes the senior food best.

Any advice?

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Maybe try wet food and see if your kitten will eat that..I have been using Authority kitten food, and I use both dry and wet. but they prefer the wet over dry anyday....
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You can also try adding a little water to the dry food and warming it up for just a sec in the microwave, you can do the same warming up trick with wet food as well.
Or you can mix wet food in with the dry food.

I'd say just put the kitten in it's own room behind a closed door, or let your other cat eat it's senior food in there and don't let him out until they are both finished eating, your kitten SHOULD get hungry enough to give in and eat her food.

My cats love to trade bowls, even if they have the same exact food, they want to trade and eat what's in the other cats bowls.
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My dogs are picky about food (oddly enough my cats will eat anything) with the dogs i mix alittle canned with there dry and they will eat it.
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Thats what i was thinking. Maybe its not the senior food the baby likes, Maybe he just wants what the other cat has. You know how kids can be.
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If you can believe it, he doesn't like canned food! I've tried a few different brands and nothing.

I think you are right, that he justs wants what the other kittie has! I wish they could be on the same diet, but they never will be.

I should switch him to adult food when he is a year old correct?
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I just thought of this, he is 6 months old and might be teething? It might be hard for him to chew the dry food.

Anyone have good recommendations on moist food?
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There are lots of good food, but a lot of cats seem to take to the low grade stinky kind, basically anything you will find in a grocery store.

I've noticed a lot of picky cats will like the Sheba food. Or try those Nutro Natural pouches, they come in juicey chunks with gravey, my cats adore that kind of food!

I've never had a teething cat form a problem with dry food.

And yes, in most cases you should keep your kitten on kitten food until it turns a year old.
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