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biting 9 wk old kitty

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my kitty - turbo - loves to play. He will start "nibbling" on your finger but then really start chomping down like he really starts to like it. He has actually drawn blood on me! He does not seem agressive at all, just like his teeth are sharper than he thinks. I try to immediatly put him down when he does this but he just jumps right back up for more play...any ideas on what to do? I don't want him to grow up a biter.
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Well, these are real kitten issues. Dang, I still have one who is a year old and will do it. The few things I have found to work are saying no, scruffing and putting them down each time. Then theres putting a bitter spray on your fingers when it's play time. Of course the very last resort is to just push your finger all the in and they back off.
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Hi and thanks for posting!

I found that for me, the best thing to do was not to play with the cats with my hands AT ALL. I always use a toy. That way, they do not associate my hands with something they can feel free to attack and bite or scratch. They may ONLY perform those behaviors on the toy. If this rule is broken, the play time is immediately interrupted and I leave the room.

I've been both badly bitten (the resulting infection was a nightmare to clean up and boy, was I a sick puppy!) and badly scratched (a 3 inch gash across the inside of my left wrist that nicked the vein - looks like I attempted suicide!) so I am always extra cautious when playing with the cats.

Hope this helps,

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I should have said that as well. We dont let the cats play with our hands. We have teasers and such all over the place for playtime. The one I still have trouble with actually does her biting at any time. It is not aggressive, but will do it while being held or just being pet. She has done this since I got her when she was 6 months old. She responds to NO now, but she has to nibble before you get the NO out of your mouth.
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