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Sunday! What's On Your Agenda?

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Morning All!!!

Looks like we are in for more rain here and it is cooler thank goodness, the humidity was off the charts the last few days.

Heading off to work in a bit, it's catch-up day for me so I will be up to my neck in paperwork for most of it.

After work I am going to my aunts for dinner and to visit with some relatives who are in town for a few days.

The kitties are window sitting this morning enjoying the cool breeze.

Everyone have a good one
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Nothing to do today, maybe catch up on the laundry. It is supposed to be a nice day, so maybe a motorcycle ride this evening. Not being able to go in the sun sure puts a damper on my riding.
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It's 11 am and sunny(been raining all weekend though)...

This morning I dropped a feral off for TNR, then went to Petsmart to drop off my foster. Back home now to study ALL day for my 6 week online Bio course! Still have 2 chapters to read, then have to take 4 quizzes today and have an exam tomorrow! Then back to pick up the feral, to Petsmart to get the foster (if he's still there) and to possibly get some new kittens to foster!!!

FUn day lol
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Well its sunny but windy today-two loads of laundry on the line are probably dry already!!

One of our neighbors got married yesterday-2nd time for both-they are in their 60's so we went to reception and visited with other neighbors. But had upset stomach by time we got home and it still continues-had a bowl of cereal and some toast but will have to slug down more Mylanta as thats all I have in house.

So Neil will be going to tractor parade this afternoon with his brother as I don't want to stray too far from bathroom. Perhaps watch a movie on TV or read a book.

Its still pretty wet in veg garden so I will postpone weeding today.
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Good evening

Today was "fishtank water change day" here, which required TWO trips to Wal-Mart to fill our 1 gallon water jugs (we use the spring water there. Our tap water has shown up at pH 9!!). I was going to mow the lawn on our property, but the BIL was mowing the in-laws yard for a few hours.

Did some small shopping for dinner this week and a snack for lunches at work. Cleaned up our room a bit and dropped some more stuff off at our storage unit that we aren't using right now or that is for our house.

Probably going to go relax and watch Animation Domination on FOX if it is on tonight, then head to bed early so I'm not so extremely tired for work tomorrow!

Have a lovely night
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The past two days have been a little crazy around here! I went to my friends wedding yesterday with Colin and then when we left we got a call from my sister. Their air conditioning went out! (living in the memphis area- that is NOT good!). My sister Kimmy and her family rent their house from us (and literally live about 3 streets over) so Colin and I went over there yesterday and picked all of them up and most of their animals (3 dogs, 1 of their cats (he had a heart murmor), their rat, their hermit crabs and their betta and brought them over to stay with us while DH and my brother in law worked on the AC to get it running. They all wound up spinning the night with us last night since the guys were working on the AC. This morning though they got it up and running -so they were able to go back to their place with the rest of their furbabies. So it was kinda crazy! Luckily though we didn't have to replace the AC unit!!!!

After all of that Colin and I met my sister and her family over at my mom's house for lunch and we all hung out and watched a movie for a bit. Then DH and I went to Lowes to get some new blinds for the window the cats and our Carolina Dog have destroyed Colin and I probably spent a good 2 hours running around Lowes picking out stuff we'd like to do around the house (we love that place a little too much!) That's pretty much been if for today though! After that we had some Taco Bell and came home to watch Law & Order SVU
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