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Jellow had a siezer!!!

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The most horrifying thing happen to me last night!

Jellow was under the couch and my boyfriend pulled him out and he said that the minute he pulled him out Jellow started biting him and then started flopping around like a fish out of no where. He yelled to me and told me somethings wrong with Jellow, I came running and sure enough he was all over the place and his hands were covered with blood because Jellow must have deeply cut him everywhere. I took Jellow and held him tight, and then within like two seconds it stopped and he just laid there in my arms with his mouth open and he was breathing but he was limp. I was completely gone. I bawled my eyes out, I was screaming and I fell to my knees and all I could say and think was " my baby jellow '. My boyfriend told me to go down to my moms and she lives right the down street so my sister could take us to the vet. I ran down with bare feet and I must have gotten stuck up myfoot, because its swollen, but I felt nothing. Everyone jumped to their feet and I was just crying un controllably.

I called the emergency vet and she told me his blood sugar may be low and to give him some honey. Well, lets just say he ate that honey off of my hand like it was nothing .

He tries to walk but he walks side-ways. He looks nothing like a cat and I think he may have sprained his paw/leg or twisted it.

I have absolutely no money for a vet .

The emergency vet told me to keep him in a box by himself for the night and its about 444am, and he came out of the box and collapsed on top of me and was laying next to me and playing a little bit with Khi. And then he started getting up and walking. He's doing better with the walking though, but he got off the bed and stood on his two back paws and on the front, but one of the front paws fell under him.

I'm sooo scared he won't come out of this. My neighbor that has two cats and my boyfriend seem to think he might of hit his head really hard and he's just suffering from a little state of shock and he'll come out of it.

I know I need to take him to the vet, but I cannot afford one at the moment.

Someone, anyone...please help!!!!!

Advice and thoughts needed really bad

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Is your cat diabetic? My answer is so0lely based on that.
If so I may be able to help and want to talk. Please contact me via private message. I will help teach you what to do if this situation ever happens again and more importantly give you the tools to most likely prevent this from happening
It amazes me that your vet didnt tell you what to do for this an that an emergency vet said to just keep him in a box. There were things that could have/should have been done last night that could have helped your cat. As this time, there is no way to know whether any damage done may be permanant or reversable only time will tell, Cats are reslielient creatures and I have seen cats that have goine blind from a hypo attack fully recover.
If your cat is not diabetic, I o not have the knowledge to help you and I am sorry. This souns like a possible stroke
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Good heavens, sounds horrible! I hope Optionken was able to help. I have no advice to offer, just vibes that Jellow is okay...
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I have spoken with the op and this is not insulin;diabetes related and there is nothing I can do I am sorry to say. There are alot of different reasons a cat may have seizures
cats can have epilepsy and things like FIP or feline leukemia to name a few of many can cause them, Most times these things are treated with valumn (diazapen) or phenobarbitol.
I do not believe that there is anything a vet can do for the affects of what happened after the siezure so I do not believe there is a need to rush the cat to a vet but I do believe that this will probably happen again and a vet appointment is needed to find the cause and possible treatment.
I hope your cat recovers and everything will be well
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See if you can do a payment plan with a vet. Your cat desperately needs to be seen.
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Although seizures can show as a movement that is repeated over and over, such as a biting motion, I've never known one that was actually able to connect once (unless a figer was actually stuck in their mouth), let alone repeatedly. So I don't think this fits the seizure pattern - though I'm not there to actually there to see what happened... The extreme tiredness does fit a seizure as well as other things.

This really sounds like a trauma situation - and that your cat is in tremendous pain. Pulling a cat out from under couch - did your boyfriend pull him out by that leg by any chance? The shoulder could have been pulled out of joint, the elbow pulled out of joint, squeezed too hard on the leg or paw....

Bottomline, he needs to see a vet so that a correct diagnosis can be made.
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Many vibes he's okay, I think he needs to see a vet though
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I'm so sorry.. my 14 week old kitten had a seziure and died a week ago. It was so sad

I know how you feel
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Originally Posted by kittylover618 View Post
I'm so sorry my 14 week old kitten had a seziure and died a week ago. It was so sad

Ohhh, I'm so sorry
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Ive been thru so much with Jellow and I'm still standing strong!

I've never been put thru this and I'm worried more then I ever thought I would be. I've never felt so much pain and fear in my life, ever.

I've done plenty of reaserch on here about cat seizers and bumping their heads and going into a shock. Everywhere I look, it seems like what he really might have done was just bump his head just the right way.

I plan on calling a vet tomorrow and see about payment options and what not, so I hope all that works out to our advantage.

Jellow can actully walk a little bit better but he does have a huge bump on his back that makes him look scary. He isn't eating at the moment, whereas last night right after the "seizer" he ate almost his entire plate.

I wanna thank all of you for your warm wishes and your wonderful thoughts.

Optionken thank you very much for speaking to my boyfriend on the phone this morning and lending a helping hand. You're wonderful!
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aw thats horrible. vibes for jellow:
you must have been so scared. if you need anything please email me.
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I know alot about them. My Manx died having one but that was when she was 11. She had them since she we got her at 6 weeks. I still have the scars from her. What you say about your cat is not like the ones Manx had. She would be normal within 5 minutes of having them. She was sick before she had the one that she died from. We think Cancer. I am not sure what happened to your Cat because he is still having problems. I hope he will be ok. You can Pm me if you need to talk. My Cat would be when it happened also and paddle her legs. It happened alot to her.
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I wanted to update everyone on what was going on with Jellow.

He seems to be doing so much better

Im so happy and very proud of him!!!

I called another vet this morning just to double check and she was so much more helpful!

I told her everything and she told me to give him some gatorade thru a swringe to get his energy going and he's actully been doing quiet well since!

He ate all his treats and he seems like my old Jellow, except very tired.

Thank you EVERYONE for everything

I'm so proud to be a part of a wonderful group of people!
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I'm glad he's feeling better, poor baby
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Glad he is better.
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to aida, i am the cat, no she understands

well i think hes doing better, he still feels like hes out there...and not knowing whats going on

all his cat abilities, are working..eating, pooping, drinking, basic walking, eyes are noticing things, and he seems to want to be norm

i got a video of what i mean, hes out there, and not knowing whats going on
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I'm glad he's feeling better but he should still be seen by a vet. He could have something wrong neurologically. I really do hope he gets 100% well soon.
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Aww, I'm so glad Jellow is better. I also agree that he should to the vet, though. He might have a serious underlying problem, which you won't know unless he gets checked over.
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I am glad he is doing better. Good signs
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He's a very sweet looking cat...I sure hope he's feeling all better really are some hugs for him...
I hope he can be seen by a Vet who can give the A-OK !!
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