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Picky Kitty

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I have a three year old 'tabico' cat named KittyKitty (I know, I'm so creative).

She's a generally good cat. But she has one very, very annoying and disruptive problem...

There are about three bowls of water in the house. One big one for her rottweiler and pit bull "pack mates" (she thinks she is a dog)... One in my bedroom and another little one for her that... travels depending on current needs.

HOWEVER, she is excessively picky with her water. If she does not see it filled in front of her face, she will not drink it. And if the dogs get to it first--FORGET IT. She doesn't love them THAT much. I can fill her water bowl and she'll drink it for about five seconds, and then walk away. If she decides, two minutes later, that she's thirsty... She will not drink that water again. Instead, she will harass every living being in the house for a 'fresh' bowl of water. It's very disruptive to everyone, particularly at night time when she wakes me up 2-3 times a night crying for me to change her clean water dish.

I have had a similar problem with her before. About a year ago she was on this kick where the only place she would drink her water from was the sink faucet. We ended up having to resort to covering the faucets with a bag after we used them, so that she couldn't get the little droplets of water that lingered, and would instead be FORCED to drink out of the dish.

But how in the world can I break her of this "My water must be filled immediately before I drink it, no matter how fresh it is." thing without driving everyone in the household crazy? I've tried ignoring her so she has to resort to drinking from it, but all that results in is me getting absolutely no sleep.

As a note, I've tried those bowls that give them 'fresh' water 'automatically.' Doesn't trick her.
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Sounds to me like she likes fresh running water. I don't blame her, so do I

Perhaps look into a pet water fountain. I have a "Petmate" and it's wonderful.

Here is a thread on it:


And here it is in use:

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I've used something similar, but not quite as fancy. She didn't fall for it. I would be willing to try the fancier one, but my only concern is finding a spot to put it that the dogs won't get to. Because one strip of dog drool and the water is tainted.

Even though she lets them lick her face for hours.
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Put it on a counter top or a table high enough that the dogs can't get at it.
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I have the Drinkwell Pet Fountain up on a table that the dog cannot reach. It mimicks the flow of water that some cats like. I have some that played in it for a short time but now they just drink from it. Most helpful for the ones that don't like the water bowl. They do drink more from the fountain.

http://www.vetventures.com/ You can find them at various prices on the internet or at pet stores.
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i agree - a fountain on the table or counter sounds like the best option. worth it if it works!
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