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Advice for first timer...?

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I've had cats my entire life, and have always spayed and neutered every animal I could. Only mini-animals I've ever had were my fish!

About a week and a half ago, my roommate called to tell me she had "acquired" a cat she found on the street and wanted to know if I would be angry if it came home with her.

Naturally, I wasn't, so home came kitty. She looked a little underfed, but was excessively friendly for a stray. I estimate her to be between 7 1/2 to 9 months old. As the week went on, she seemed to very suddenly have a fat belly. At first I didn't think much of it, but then last night it occurred to me, while looking at her standing at a particular angle, that we may have picked up a knocked up cat.

I realized she could look bloated from worms--haven't had the chance to take her to the vet yet. But... while she was eating about an hour ago, I felt up her tummy (much to her distaste). It's very firm to the touch, and I can feel very pronounced nips. I'm thinking, based on the fact she has bigger nipples than any spayed cat I've ever owned, she's got some kittens in there, but she won't let me feel long enough to distinguish anything. She WILL be going to the vet within the next few days.

But, has anyone had any experience with pregnant cats that are less than a year old? Does it cause a lot of serious complications? I'm a bit worried for her because she is obviously not full grown yet.

I'm such an excessive worrier and now I can't even sleep 'cause of it.

Any advice or suggestions you may have would be nice!
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When I was about 12 Whiskers was preg and she was about 1 when they were born. Everything went well. This was in the 1970's so its been years. I also had a cat named Smokey that looked like she was 6 months but she wasnt. She never got Preg. I have two Cats now that look like Kittens and they arent. Oreo could be still growing but Sasha will be 2 in Aug and she can pass for 7 Months. The Cat your friend found could be older then you thing.
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Well, the reason I say she's gotta be under a year old is she's most definitely in that gangly stage they hit around 7 or 8 months, where everything looks completely out of proportion and long, and their head just doesn't even seem to be meant to be on their body.

I've spent a lot of time volunteering in the cat room at the humane society, and would bet my left leg that she's not a year yet.
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There is a chance of more complications, but we have had quite a few cats in clearly under 12 months who have been fine. My last mum cat was 10 months old, and her kits were fine, I think the main worry is them having enough nutrients, so definitely feed her kitten food.
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