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Peeing when scared?

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Chloe has always been a little neurotic. It's not too bad, but like if someone walks in the room and she doesn't know who they are, she freaks out. I suspect it has to do with being a stray kitten that lost her mom (she was found by her foster mom at 4 weeks old). I've read that kittens found in that situation are usually clingy to their owners but fearful of new people.

Anyway, the other day my SO was holding her in a room she isn't normally allowed to go in. The room has really tall vaulted ceilings and ceiling fans. She saw the ceiling fans and flipped out! It was to the point where she was clawing her way up my SO, but she was about to jump over the balcony down to the first floor (we're talking a LONG jump, even for a cat). There's no way she would have tried to jump down from the loft to the main floor in any other circumstances, but it was like it was her instincts taking over. Luckily, my SO was able to restrain her and take her out of the room. It was just so bizarre. She peed all over his shirt.

(If this matters, she has never had litter box issues. There are only 2 times when she peed elsewhere, and they were both in her pet carrier in the car, on a 45 minute road trip).

So, aside from the whole keeping her away from ceiling fan thing, is there anything I should be worried about in the bladder control area? Do cats just sometimes pee when scared?

(I wasn't sure if I should post this here or in the health section).

Has anyone's cat done something similar?
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Cats, dogs, even us humans, will urinate if terrified. You scared the bejezus out of your cat, she responded. Introduce her more slowly into new areas.
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One of my cats is also terrified of everything, when ever I have to take her to the Vet she is always so scared that there is always urine in the cat carrier. The Vet sees it, they know its out of fright that she does it.
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Jack peed in fear when my SIL brought her german shepard for a visit. It was a bad idea to introduce a cat who has never met a dog to a dog who has never seen a cat.

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Originally Posted by Trillcat View Post
Cats, dogs, even us humans, will urinate if terrified. You scared the bejezus out of your cat, she responded. Introduce her more slowly into new areas.
Even though it was a room she wasn't normally allowed to go in, we'd taken her in there plenty of times without problem (either the fans were off or she didn't notice them). It was the ceiling fans, not the fact that it was a new area. She's never had a problem checking out new rooms in the house.

Poor Chloe

Isn't funny how the most outgoing and bold cat can be afraid of something like that? It wasn't like we had her right under the ceiling fan, they are VERY high up there. She's fine around fans and hair dryers (although the hair dryer took some getting used to for her). She HATES the vacuum but hasn't peed b/c of it (because I always stick her in the bathroom so she doesn't see it).
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I heard of a cat who was terrified of balloons - absolutely couldn't stand them floating in the house. Try explaining to a toddler why all the birthday balloons had to go away quickly..
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There have been a number of people posting here about cats being terrified of ceiling fans. One was a couple that just moved to AZ and there was one in every room! Thankfully she was only terrified of them when on.

Flowerbelle got herself caught in the handle of a bag once (BAD MEOWMY and DADDY!) and ran around FREAKING OUT - and peed in fear.

Like others have said - when terrified, cats, just like people, will pee out of fear. The fan being on obviously completely freaked her out. Poor baby! And poor BF's shirt!

Scritches to your Chloe!

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