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Oh No...I keep trying the vet emergency number ...and im not getting any answer!!!
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Yeah ... I am also going to vote for taking her in just to be safe. Do you have bottles and everything ready to feed the babies if you have to?
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Here is from when Shadow got very sick. She is fine now. This was over a year ago.
Here is part of the post. Shadow is fine Now.
She gave birth on March 12 to 4 kittens. And once again gave birth to another a day later. Then the problems began. After a few days Shadow began having an unusual amount of discharge. I took her to the vet on the Thursday the 15th. They ran some tests and said to bring her back the next day. She ended up having an emergency hysterectomy. Her uterus hadn't contracted after she gave birth and there was an infection. After the surgery I took her home. The vet said that they had used internal stitches and that she would still be able to nurse. Sadly the kitten that was born late died on the 19th. It gets worse.

Everything was going well. Until Tuesday night. Shadow wasn't eating. She wasn't doing much of anything. I knew something was wrong. I took her to the emergency vet at midnight. Stayed up all night waiting for them to call. It turns out she had mastitis. Her fever was 105 when I brought her in. That morning I transfered her to my regular vet where she stayed for 3 days. Finally I got to take her home that Saturday. She was doing ok. I had to give her meds twice a day. But she could no longer nurse. I had to bottle feed the kittens. Once again, everything was ok for a few days. Luckily only one of her nipples had the mastitis. But even with the meds it got worse. It ruptured and she went back to the emergency vet on Wednesday the 28th and they cleaned out all the infected and dead tissue and stitched her up. She has a catheter to drain any excess fluids. She's going to the vet in few days to have the catheter removed and in a week to have the stitches removed. She is doing very well. She's acting like her old self again.

I was able to find a surrogate mother for the kittens. They are doing good. I get updates on them every day
Here's an update on Shadow. I had the drain removed on Thursday, the stitches come out in a few days.Everything is healing well. She's gonna have a big scar, but as the fur grows back it should cover it up a bit. She's a tough kitty. She's completely back to her old self again, she's even playing again. I spoke to my friend who is fostering the kittens, they are doing fine. I'll be able to take them home in a couple of weeks. I'm sure Shadow misses them.
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Yes i have bottles and have tried to feed them off of it but cant seem to get them to latch there a trick?

Im still trying the vet......not having any luck!! why does it have to be sunday?!?!?
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Something always goes wrong when the reg Vet is closed. Is there a Er vet beside that Vet?
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I wish there was!! NO, I live in a town of about 300 and the closest vets are in small towns as well and are about 45 min away. The only emergency numbers I have are the ones on the answering machines at the vet office and there is nobody answering. I know they are home phone numbers cause i have called them already last night and this morning
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I hope they answer soon.
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Call the home phone numbers. It's an emergency.
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Thats the numbers that i have been calling. I have called both the vet clinic's numbers and the emergency numbers that are on the clinic's answering machine...still no answer.
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I wonder why they do not answer.
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I think they should have cell phones or something like that so they are easier to get in cases of emergency. Hopefully she will see my phone number on her phone when she gets home and recognize it from this morning and call me back
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Well Buttons is totally changing! Today she is starting to get quite protective but she doesnt like going in the box with them so I tried putting them on my bed with her cause she likes to stretch out but after a while just just jumps down and leaves them and I get scared that they will fall off so I go put them back in the box. I watch from the living room as I can see into the bedroom. I have the box on top of my bed hopeing that it makes it a bit better but she seems very frazzled and im not quite sure what to do. I have seen her pick one up out of the box and put it on the bed and then jump down and leave it there on the top of the bed. I am scared to put it on the floor cause I have no idea if she will take them out of the box and leave them on the floor to get lost somewhere.
I am home alone today with them and If i could go out to get a big dog crate i would but i have to drive over an hour one way to walmart or any other place where I can purchase one and im scared to leave them alone with her. When she goes up on the bed with them it looks like she is getting a bit aggressive with them in the box and she only goes half way into the box...when I go in there to check cause it looks like she is flippin them around I notice that there scruff or the top of their heads are quite wet, im not sure if she is trying to pick them up or what?!? She really seems to care when I am sitting there trying to help the babies latch on and she does what she is suppose to when it comes to stimulating the kits to use the potty and she licks them and hugs them close but I dont know if she has a chance to be aggressive when nobody is around, Im trying to give her privacy and let her bond and figure it out but when nobody is in the room i wonder if she has the chance to really be aggressive or if Im just taking her actions seen from the livingroom a bit to far...
Can she harm them even if it seems she loves them?
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Whew....okay nevermind - I put the kits and their box on the floor on top of a blanket stretched out and a pillow about 2 feet in front of that and she went in there whining and meowing as usual and when it got quiet I peeked around the door and seen her in the box with her kits!!! She stayed in there for about half an hour with them - longest so far without anyone in there with her. She came out in the living room for a couple minutes for some attention and then she went back in there to check on them!!

I feel a HUGE relief...i just hope that she continues caring for them on her own without having to be "forced" to nurse as I know thats stressfull on her and I know having a mommy to snuggle with all is so good for thoes kits - even if its only for short periods of time!

Thank you to everyone for your help and support and getting me thru my hair pulling experience. I have been very stressed out and still am to a certain degree but having her peek in on and care for her kits is a huge stress relief!

I will of course continue to update!

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