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2 Flea questions

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My boyfriend lives with his parents right now. They have one indoor and one outdoor/indoor cat. Bob, the indoor/outdoor has brought fleas into the home....A LOT of fleas! They have put flea collars on the cats and bombed the house.
Thing is though, that they didn't bomb the whole house. My boyfriend has a snake and a lizard and they didn't do his room as a result. This means all of the fleas have decided to join Ryan in his room He's really really really suffering from flea bites all up and down his legs!
There isn't any spray left, and he doesn't have money to go out and buy more. I was wondering if there are any tricks which he might try to get rid of some fleas...One of my friends said that they had a friend who used to put a bowl of water in their room so the fleas would drown themselves. I don't know if that'd work.

Second question: we are moving in together at the end of August. He'll be bringing his one set of sheets, his clothes and his queen bed. He's planning on carpet cleaning his bed (with his family's carpet cleaner) before we move and I told him that we'll have to bring his linens straight to the wash before bringing them in the apartment.

I have some Advantage for my kittes for both situations (if they get carried here by Ryan or if they get carried to the new apartment by Ryans stuff).

Is there anything else we can do to avoid a flea explosion?

Thanks for the advice guys!
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Keep them all on Advantage or Frontline or some flea medication like that and LOSE the flea collars! They are very dangerous.
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Originally Posted by Jen View Post
LOSE the flea collars
Or, cut them up and put them in the vacuum then clean the room.
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it's not my cats wearing the collars and while I disaprove of the way they treat the cats in general (not fixed outdoor cat, no vet visits, poor food quality, etc), I have tried putting input into their care and have been told that it's not my business.
I do not use flea collars on my cats, I promise...just regular collars and advantage (and not at the same time).
I just want to make my boyfriend more comfortable and avoid an outbreak here.
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