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Happy dreams!

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I love it when my kitties look like they are smiling in there dreams. So I thought I would share my kitties happy dream pictures, and I would love to see yours!! So if you have some happy dream pictures please post them! (Cuteness warning!)



And Root: (I only have one because he always wakes up right away.)

I hope to see some other happy kitties!!
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Oh goodness. That first pic of Tubee is so sweet, I think I gained 10 pounds just looking at it! My gosh, spotted tummy, pink nose, sleeping smile...

All of the pics are adorable, but that one really, really needs a cuteness warning!
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Thanks! I added a cuteness warning before the picture!

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Oh my GOSH! too much cuteness Cuteness warning ... not enough... system... shutting.... dooowwwwnnnnnnnnnn
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OMG! I love them all, but Tubee.....
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OMG Tubee as a kitten So sweet, great pics
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Awwww look at that little pink mouth
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ginger kittens! i love them!

here's the similar looking milo with his rb big bro janet.

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They are all cute as can be, but Tubee, is just precious. I have such a soft spot for orange kitties. That first pic is just so sweet, I wanted to nibble on his little kitten ears.
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