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The official 2008-2009 CFL thread.

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Well everyone, it's football season. So far, my team (Saskatchewan Roughriders naturally) is the only undefeated team in the league after 3 games.

In the season opener, it was us against the Edmonton Eskimos. We got an early lead and dominated the uneventful game with a final score of 34-13.

In game 2, we faced off against the B.C. Lions. That was a hard game. Early in the first quarter, defensive back Leron Mitchell was taken off the field with a broken ankle. Then shortly after that, our starting quarterback Marcus Crandell was taken out with a hamstring injury early in the second quarter. And as if that wasn't enough, slotback D.J. Flick was rushed to hospital. He broke his left leg in 2 places.
However, even with 3 players out of play, we were still able to defeat the former Grey Cup Champions 26-16.

In game 3, which ended just a few hours ago, it was us against the Hamilton Tiger-Cats. It was a really close game. Our third quarterback, Darian Durant, was starting this game (our second, Steven Jyles threw 2 interceptions in the 3rd quarter of game 2 and was replaced). To my surprise, Durant did quite well. For most of the game, we had a bit of a lead. That is until the third quarter when the Tiger-Cats were ahead 28 to 27. But then we got a break. Wide receiver Weston Dressler ran for 68 yards and was taken down at the Ti-Cats 1 yard line. We then make the touchdown with 26 seconds left to win the game. We came through with a final score of 33-28.

I will be posting summaries of other games as they happen.

And feel free to add any info about any other games that have been played thus far.
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Wow 8 days and no replies. Is nobody here interested in Canadian football? Am I the only one?

Well in case there are others, here is the rundown on the game yesterday (Saturday). It was the Roughriders against the Montreal Allouettes. This game was the closest so far. It was back an forth all game. The Als had the lead for most of the game but it was never by more than a few points. The Riders were the first to score with a 2-point conversion. The Als answered right back with a touchdown, making it 7-2. The Riders came back with a field goal, making it 7-5. Then the Als got a field goal and we got another one shortly after to make the score 10-8. Then we got a touchdown at the end of the first half. In the third quarter, the Als got 2 TD's and the Riders got one, making the score 24-22 for the Als. In the last quarter, we came back with 19 points and we ended up winning 41-33, bringing our record to 4-0.
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