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2 questions... jumping and biting

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We have an older cat, (maybe about 12 years or so), but she still often acts like a kitten and is very playful... when she is not sleeping. Because of her small size, she has always been known as Lil Kitty.

In the last couple of years, she seems to have developed a strange 'paranoia'. She used to jump onto the counter effortlessly but she missed a few times and now she doubts every small jump. If she does not think about it, she does not have any trouble, but often she will appear to 'size up' the jump, and then she will miss. Is there any way to help her regain confidence?

Also she enjoys rubbing her face into my hand (what we call 'force petting' since she does all the work), but in the last few months or so she has begun biting my finger with her back teeth. It is not painful, and she is purring a lot, but I was just curious what this represents.
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I don't know how to help with the jumping thing - but it could be related to the biting thing. It sounds to me like she needs a dental check-up. If she's got an infection in her mouth that in any way is affecting her ears, it could be affecting her balance, thus the problem with the jumping.

We have a kitty with bad teeth. She's only six years old and has already had to have two teeth removed - and we get them a dental cleaning every year, and she now goes every six months because she has such bad plaque build-up. But when she starts pushing the back of her mouth on us when petting her or chewing on the brush when brushing her, we know she's got a problem with her teeth and needs to get to the vet.

Just a thought. And at 12 years old, a full "Senior" check-up would be a good idea anyway.

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