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Ear mites

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I've had 2 litters through my house in my spare room, and they were both in the same room (but in different cages) for about 4 days. I still have one litter, and the other litter is being fostered by someone else.

I've just taken a couple of kittens from one litter to the vet (the ones being fostered by the other person) and they have ear mites.

How likely are ear mites to be transferred between the litters if they were just sharing a room, but never came into contact with each other?

Do ear mites get into the carpet? Are my cats who were completely separate likely to be at risk? Any info would be appreciated.
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Ear mites are highly contageous. While they may not have been in contact with each other, they were all in contact with you as the go between. So there is a chance that you could have carried the mites between litters.

EDIT: I just found this:

Transmission or Cause:
Ear mites are passed from one animal to another through close contact. Mites also can be transmitted through the environment to an animal. Humans also can get a skin rash from the parasite, and, on rare occasions, can get the mites in their own ears. Good hygiene usually will prevent mites from affecting people.

And I found this:


Feline ear mites are highly contagious. In fact, cats can get them or share them with other animals as well. So, if any of your pets (including dogs, cats, or rabbits) have ear mites, you may want to treat all of them.
That being said if a cat in a shelter is found to have ear mites, I don't think they treat all of the cats in the shelter for them unless they start to show symptoms. But then again I don't work in a shelter, I'm just thinking that it wouldn't be cost effective to treat for something they don't even know if the animal has.
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If they never came into contact with each other then I wouldn't think it is very likely. Now if you went directly from one litter immediately to the other without washing hands a lot, then the risk will be higher of course.
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My Coco has them but my other Cats never have had Ear Mites.
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I got to ask more questions of the vet, and he said they're highly contagious between littermates because of the close contact, but it's unlikely that other cats would get them unless they were in close contact.

I asked if he thought I should do preventative treatment just in case, and he said I could, but he wouldn't do it for his own cats unless they showed signs of scratching or dirt in their ears.
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pepe has them and the vet said to get both cats on the meds since it is very contagious! so..I would just to be safe
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But I assume these are cats who come in contact with each other?

The foster kittens were in a separate room, generally in a cage, then went to a new foster home 4 days later.
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