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Originally Posted by taterbug View Post
... You should check and see if he can touch his chin to his chest and if he can't....rush to the ER!!...
Run don't walk if it hurts for him to do that!

Originally Posted by Mom of 4 View Post
...If you aren't comfortable with the care your child received, which it sounds like you aren't, do what you have to do.
I agree very much!

Originally Posted by Ping View Post
No they did not do an IV they just told me to push small amounts of gatorade every 15 mins.
People drink more when it's through a straw; maybe that will help, and also sucking on ice is a way to get water into them... I wouldn't give my child Gatorade - what if the headache is caused by something like artificial color? Your doctor does not sound very good to me. An inch or so of chilled water in a real glass will usually go down well with kids; you can offer it a couple of times an hour.

I hope you find out what is going on! I'd be freaking out a bit! Your poor little guy; hope he's well again soon.
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As I read through this, I was thinking exactly what Abbycats said -- spinal meningitis. I hope that's not it, but if there's the slightest chance of it, you can't wait. If I were you, I'd go back over there today, talk to a different doctor, ask more questions, push harder. Or find a neighbor to drive you somewhere with better doctors!
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The FIRST thing I thought of when I saw this thread is meningitis.

There is a chance it is a just a migraine (ha, I say just a migraine, I was in bed yesterday with one for 15 hours) or sinus problems or something else. But meningitis is NOT something you want to mess with!!!

I say GO now to another Dr at least to rule out something serious/life threatening and also to hopefully to get a better diagnosis and treatment than what you have already received!!

Hope he feels better.
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Please take your son back to the doctor, I have no idea what could be wrong with him, no one should have to suffer with a headache that long, especially a child.
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Is there any family member or friend who can drive you to the hospital further away? You need to take the boys there ASAP. Is it possible that both of them were playing rough and hit their heads? Concussions give bad headaches and cause vomiting. It sounds like they may need a cat scan. Do you have health insurance? Is the hospital farther away a county one with no fees?
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I would think even calling the paramedics out to look at him, and let them make an educated decision. They could then transport him to the better hospital.
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I would definitely go again and demain that something be done to help him calm down and sleep and eat.
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I had a Nephew had Men and died at age 2. I sure hope its not that. There are so many things it can be also.
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You need to get viral meningitis/encephalitis ruled OUT. This will require a spinal tap. Viral meningitis is different than bacterial meningitis, bacterial causes and extreme high fever and is usually rapidly fatal.

I have had viral meningitis that progressed to encephalitis. It started with an extreme headache, no other symptoms. A transient low fever like your younger son had is common.

Head pain this severe requires pain relief treatment. I have had headaches so bad they have caused me to go into shock, which can be deadly in and of itself.

This is encephalitis time of year. There are quite a few different viruses that cause it and all are transmitted by mosquitoes. It is a disease that is reportable to the CDC.

Also, they could have West Nile, another of the mosquito born viral diseases, which manifests from no symptoms to deadly and everything in between.

I think you need to find a way to get the hour to the better hospital. Either via friend, neighbor, paramedic...something. If nothing else, call the emergency department at the good hospital and ask to speak to the triage nurse. They will tell you whether or not you should come in. Make sure to explain what the other hospital said.
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