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A cat that like to travel?

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When I rescued Teddy, I had no choice but to take him with me every weekend from my apartment at school to my house. (about a 30/45 minute ride) On Sundays when I work, he would go to my grandmother's house who live down the street so she and my sister could bottle feed him. (He was 3 weeks at the time I rescued him)

The funny thing is, Teddy seems to love car rides and exploring new places. I've been more hesitant lately about taking him to my grandmother's since I know stability is the best thing for him.... but he actually seems to miss it. When he sees me getting ready to leave, he'll try to follow me or goes to his carrier.

Basically my question is: Would I be doing him any harm by taking him to my grandmother's like once a week? I know she really misses having him over and he seems to enjoy it.
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My niece adopted a cat when she got an apartment by herself. She always brought him with her when she would come home for visits. It got to the point when she would set her tote and his carrier by the door, he would run to the litter box then climb in the carrier.

I see nothing wrong with trips to see great-grandmeowmy as long as she doesn't mind his visits.
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My Wawa loves car rides (as long as he is not in a cage) and exploring new places. I do not take him with me often because the other cats act funny towards him whenever he returns because he smells different. But they are okay after a few hours.
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Some cats do seem to adapt themselves to traveling. As long as he isn't showing anxiety during the trips and being away, I say take him along.
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Mine cats go to my mums, dads and sisters houses and love it. They enjoy exloring new places.

If Teddy's enjoying it I don't see the harm.
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I have 2 cats. One is very dog likes and loves riding in a car. The other one just puts up with it.

If he's not stressed out, keep it up! It will help keep him adjusted to travel and new things.

Sometimes now that it's summer and too hot to take the one who likes to go, we give him a treat by driving him through the neighborhood! He loves to poke his face out and pull in all the smells. During the spring and fall, we take him on errands with us. The looks he gets are quite funny.

We don't take the one who puts up with it on rides. We limit her car trips to vacations and trips to see family. They do both like to explore new locations.
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Bella is the exact same way! She loves to ride in the car and look out the window, or just rest on my lap or on my shoulder. I know it could be super dangerous if in a wreck, but I'm extremely careful when she's with me, I drive like an old granny (no offense intended!).

But yeah... she loves to travel. She goes to Starbucks with me every Friday night and the guy at the drive-thru just cooes over her, it's adorable.
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My dad takes his cat, Gibson, to the beach with him every couple months and he loves it. I think the cat thinks the beach is one huge litter
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Tawny, our 2 year old, loves to ride in the car....but also, only as long as he`s not caged.
Whenever we have to take him anywhere we put him in the carrier just to and from the car. If we try to leave him in it while we travel he`ll get sick out both ends.....but if we turn him loose in the vehicle he`ll just settle right down and lay in the back window and count cars, :-) and seems to enjoy the ride.
Sadly the other 2 (Toby and Tedy) will only stay calm if they are in the carrier. (THANKFULLY they don`t get sick! But the only rides they have are to and from the vets when needed, and once when we moved)
My vote is, if he likes to ride, then take him along as long as you don`t have to leave him in the car in adverse weather!
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You should absolutely encourage it. There is no more truth to cats hating to go in a car than there is that cats and dogs hate each other. I used to take my cats to visit nursing homes and had them harness trained. They loved being in the car and would jump in on their own. While I had a carrier open in the back for them to go in, they preferred to sleep loose. I had a pet gate across the back seat like the ones made for dogs and they loved it.
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We've had two "truck cats." Firs was Wickett, who eventually got too old and sick for it, and then Punkin, who traveled over 400,000 miles with us before we stopped doing that kind of job. Both seemed to like it quite well. They just figured (I guess) that they had one big quiet house, and one little noisy one.

The sure did like sitting on the dashboard and watching the birds landing on the hood while we were parked!
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Sport loves to go for rides in the car. I take him out of his carrier (he is wearing his little harness and leash of course) and he climbs up my arm, looks out the window, and then goes to sleep on my arm with the wind blowing in his face.

Rob and Sport
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