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Help cat in tree 6 days

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It's Now day 6...any suggestions????

There is a cat about 40ft on day 4 up a tree. I've called all sorts of people for help and have had no luck. I've called local HS. Unfortunately, we live in the country and there are no animal control officers for the county. They told me to call the county police. My husband is a Deputy Sheriff, he's been asking around(i.e. city police, fire, anyone). I've called a couple tree trimmers. One actually does animal rescue, he's on vacation. The others don't really do animal rescue. Most people say the cat will come down on his own. We put up a ladder. Put food and water at the bottom. It's thundered and rained here. It's now DAY 5 Will this cat eventually come down?

Thanks for any help.
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You must be really concerned by now.

Years ago, my kitty was up a tree for just one day but I was panicked.
I called the FireDept. etc with no luck.

I finally called our local rescue shelter where a very calm woman told me to keep everyone away from the tree.
She stayed on the phone with me and soon my cat came down.

5 days is a long time...
I wonder if a vet might have some ideas for you.

Sending vibes this is resolved today.
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Find someone with a pickup truck and a tall ladder. Buy several cans of smelly smelly canned cat food. Back the truck back to the tree, put the ladder in the truck and have someone steady the ladder. Climb as high as you can- start spreading the canned food on the tree working down as low as you can. The problem with house cats climbing trees, if they are strays they never have been taught to climb down the tree. Cats go down trees backwards and the queen teaches them this. Cats in trees tend to go down the tree head first in the beginning and this just makes them dizzy and scares them more. Work the food down the trunk of the tree-

Then go to town and buy several large bags of bird seed. Spread the contents of the bag all the over the ground under the tree. Once the birds start to come, kitty will begin to make his way down the tree. After he gets down- it is doubtful he will go back up, so have a trap under the tree where he can go in. once he is captured get him to the vet immediately!

Good luck!
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