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Authority cat food

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I use the kitten forumla for both my kitties and my oldest is 10 months this month...sometime in June he will be 1 year old...when should I change him to adult food and also, how do I seperate the 2 foods so Fluffy doesn't eat his if he is eating his adult food...as for now, they eat the same food, and eat out of each others bowls too..does anyone else use this brand too? I have noticed alot of you use Natures Choice and Science Diet....
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I have used Authority on many occasions, it's a decent food for the price! I switch all my cats over at 1 year of age.

Make sure you change the food over slowly even though your just going from kitten to adult with the same brand.

As for feeding them seperately. What I have always had to do with most my cats, is put them behind closed doors while they eat.

Tage goes in the laundry room (he gets less food cause he's smaller) and Asim and Isha eat out in the kitchen, sometimes I will put Asim away in the bathroom to eat. And then when they are done eating, let them out, and pick up any left over food, and put it away.
If you like to free feed, that might be bit more difficult. I don't really know of a way to keep one cat out of a bowl that is out 24/7. And as the kitten is obviously old enough to jump, putting it on the counter wont work.
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