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Saying Goodbye

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In 6 days, they go home. Great home, but can't have them for a year & just "let them go".

(BTW - sharky - that's the bed they adore)

Hopefully, I'll get the videos I took of them up soon. Taking a ton of pics in the next week.
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What sweet kitties ! I could never say goodbye and let go after a year ... I'd end up with two more kitties! That is great what you've done for them though
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I don't think I could let them go, they are adorable, especially the little tabby boy. The pic that looks like he is waving is the cutest thing ever.
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Awwwwww... I could never let them go!
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Just look at those 2 gorgeous boys!

I don't know how you do it. I could never let them go after that long. Heck one day here and I wouldn't be able to let them leave. I could never be a foster meowmy. I'd end up with 700 cats for sure!
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They really have turned into lovely young adults Nat, and that is all down to you. IT isn't easy letting longterm cats go (the longest here has been 14 months, followed by 9 months, it was made easier in both situations by them having spraying issues), but a necessity to continue to allow us to help other needy babes - and sadly, there will always be plenty of those.
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Awwwww bye bye babies But we'll see you again soon once your with your new mum
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What a bittersweet moment it must be for you. So long you despaired they wouldn't find a home, but now it is time for them to go.
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It's been a year already? It doesn't seem like nearly that long. I'm sure they will miss you, Nat.

There's no way I'd be able to let them go after a year. But I'm sure we will still see plenty of them. Keep us posted Sharky.
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The EYES on that grey one - wooo makes you want to melt!
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Oh my! I've so enjoyed watching these boys grow over the last year!
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A video of a good game of "I'ma gonna kick your behind!"

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Aww what a pair of cuties engaging in violent war games Love the part toward the end when someone muttered something as if in mild protest
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They look great. You have done such a good job with them (I remember their gunky eyes & health problems when you took them in). They are going to a good home (where they will eat only the best foods!) and you will have room for the next needy souls
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What lucky little boys they are. Not only were they given a chance at life by you, but now they will have a great home with Sharky and they will not be separated.

I know it must be so sad for you, Nat, you are so strong and dedicated to your calling
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Originally Posted by Pami View Post
What lucky little boys they are. Not only were they given a chance at life by you, but now they will have a great home with Sharky and they will not be separated.

I'm happy that they are going to someone on here so that we will always be able to keep up with them
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I'm so glad they are staying together. They are very handsome too.

I love the video. Reminds me of Raven and Nabu when they were young.
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I couldn't ask for a better home, I keep throwing out their issues one by one & sharky hasn't been phased yet! (They are incredibly inbred, back at least 4 generations )

For those who don't remember, these are the kittens I brought home. Their sister, Paprika, who was adopted long long long ago, is the orange/white one.


Punky, right off the bat, thinking back, he was in the worst shape of all 3

His "weird" habits started at a young age...he still chews this

Punky, the world's CUTEST baby

My favorite pic of all three

Then they grew...

...and grew....

....and changed status roles, Punky's now alpha cat!

Now they can stay together, furr-ever

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Oh my goodness! Their baby pictures are too cute
I hope they settle into their new home quickly. Not goobye but au revoir sweeties
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They are SO cute!

I just love it when litter mates get to stay together. They have such a special bond.
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this is so great Nat!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's see ya soon because we'll keep tabs on them. I can hardly believe it's been a year.
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Awww, Nat, those precious baby boys have grown into such sweet, handsome young cats.
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They are so beautiful! OMG it must be so hard having to let them go after so long, I had little SofÃ:censor:a for 4 months and I found her a good home and everything, but I'm still getting over that, I miss her. I hope they adjust to their new home and I hope you get to see them
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I'm so glad the boys can stay together - sharky - you are an angel!!!!!

Big to Dory, I have no doubt he'll miss them just as much as you.
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Aw, I'm so happy for them!

The 4th pic in the very first post is my fave The kitten pictures are beyond adorable.
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