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Saturday! What are Your Plans?

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Morning All!!!!

Hotter then you know what here, they are forecasting severe thunderstorms for later today so I am hoping that cools it down. The humidity is doing me in..

Heading off to work in a bit, still fighting a summer cold so am not feeling all that energetic about the day in general..

After work I have to do a bit of grocery shopping, my cupboards are getting bare. I hate shopping during the summer it's frustrating weaving in and out of the tourist who seem to have nothing better to do then stand in your way and chat..

The Kitties are good this morning, Pixie and Sassy are snoozing and since he has nothing better to do Linus is chasing his tail...

Everyone have a great day, and try to stay cool
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I think we're going to go running, and after that I'm not sure.

I need to read some more of my book, so we'll probably go to the coffee shop for a few hours.

DH originally had plans to go out of town, but they fell through. So now we don't know what we're doing.
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Morning. Hot here today, but then, that's nothing new. We're going to get our haircut, have lunch and run a couple of errands, that's all I know of.
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Gross, rainy, but I plan on spending most of the day inside anyway. I'm going to try a couple of new cake recipes, and then make some really interesting treats.
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Good morning!

DH and I are getting the oomph to go to work today. He is going to work on our Trans Am, and I lost motivation yesterday at work to do my soil samples, so I'm going in today to do them Hey, a little overtime never hurt!

Tonight is date night, I want to go to O'Charleys. Haven't been there in a few years, actually. I keep seeing their commercial that says "It's all about the rolls", and I love some good rolls Then we'll watch Die Hard 2 (since I've never seen any of the Die Hard movies and we bought 4-DVD pack).

It's muggy and hot out, I WAS going to mow our lawn today (even though there's still no house or even a hole for a house!) ... grass is getting rather tall over there! I don't know if I'll make it out there ... maybe with some wine in the cupholder!
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morning all!

Gonna go have a shower soon, so we will be ready to leave.

The furkids are settling in for a good day, Zorro is nicely splayed out and rubbing himself all over the freshly laundered towels and Sasha is outside playing. Their getting ready to spend the weekend with Uncle Geoff, while I'm gone at the lake.

Gonna be stopping for a bit in a couple cities on the way to the lake, I made my shopping list for tack that I need for my horse, and am on the lookout for a cowboy hat!

Then, its off to the lake for a few days! Definitely looking forward to it, my uncle just got a new boat, so we will finally be able to come help him put it to good use

have a good day/weekend! see ya all when we get back!
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Afternoon Peeps!

Today I've been riding again. Today I rode Peach, who decided to do plenty of neighing whilst I was on her, and even put in a little bit of a rear when I whipped her on the butt cuz she was going slow

Have a good day!
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We were going to go to the Corn Fest but the Smoke makes my Asthma act up so we will stay Home and pack for the Move.
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It's hot, sunny and beautiful here after a week of yucky rain. I'm on the way out to the beach!
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It's to hot and humid here to do much of anything.
I just went outside to water my hanging baskets and it was so humid I could hardly breath.

Even my kids don't want to go outside so you know it must be bad

Mason is at work so I think the kids and I will just stay in here with the AC and talk him in to taking us out to eat tonight!
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I have to work 2-8:30 tonight. It is hot here and we are supposed to get storms today.
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Bon Jovi messed with my run today! Really!

There's a huge free Bon Jovi concert in Central Park tonight, in connection with the All-Star game next week. So they've blocked off all sorts of paths I take on my longer Saturday runs. I ran into one security guard who was guarding one path, and he put out his arm and said, "Ma' can't go through here." I said, "Crap," and turned around. Found another way, which added about 1/2 a mile, which wasn't too bad, because the park is beautiful. I'm sure that guy heard worse than "crap" from people who were being re-routed this morning.

Don't mess with our routines!!

It's okay. I love Bon Jovi.

Other than that, just hangin' today. Dinner later at some friends' up in Harlem.

Have a good one!
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Went to the gym this morning. Plan on taking a nap a bit later. I have some graphics I want to work on, and I need to make my veggie burgers!
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Posting later than usual.
Got a Tstorm with heavy rain about 1:30 am-another inch of rain to add to the 1/2 we got Friday about 7:30 am so 9 day total at my house was 5 inches of rain!! Great for lawn and my plants but also for the weeds!!

Went to farmers market, then a couple other stops and then woodcrafts where Neil got a couple more turning blanks and a banksia pod-might have to talk with my Aussie TCS'er if that one turns out ok.

Lunch, stop at the cat rescue for a donation to drop off and now hanging around until we have a wedding reception later this afternoon (skipping the church!).

Mid 70's and breezy with lower humidity. Cats are all enjoying the outdoors currently.
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