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Rabies Question

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When I got Tomnus he had all his shots already so I didn't have to do any of that but I have since then lost the paperwork saying when he needs the next shots and all of his tags for rabies. I need these now because me and him are going to be going to Canada in 3 weeks so I have two options and I'm not sure if either of them will work.

1. Get him immunized for rabies again and get new tags.
2. Call up the vets office and get the paperwork/tag reissued.

The problem with option one is I don't know if getting him reimmunized will do him any harm since he had already had the shot with in the last year(probably 9-10 months ago).

The problem with option 2 is I don't know if the vet will reissue.

What should I do here?
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DO number 2 and while your at it ask about QUARENTINE
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I also had him avid chipped, I know it has his name and address but would it also have his medical records?
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For sure call the Vet and get your kitty's records.....try not to re- or overvaccinate him...it just isn't good. A Vet will re-issue the paperwork...they may charge, but our's don't here.

If all his required shots are up to date....pets can move freely between Canada and the US. There is no quarantine..IF...the shots are up to date. You may need documentation as well as a letter of verification from a Vet that the shots have been given and the dates given, as well. You will need proof of vaccination...

Try 'googling' bringing cats into Canada...they should say on the website what shots are required...I know that Rabies is a required one. It should also say what paperwork you will need to show the person upon entry into Canada. I'll try looking too and let you know.

I don't believe that the microchip has his medical records...just his name and address and phone number....so he can be returned to you if he becomes lost.
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Here is the link regarding bringing (importing) cats into Canada..from any country..


There are alot of further links due to rabies infested and rabies-free countries..so read what is appropriate for your situation.

Good Luck!
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  1. Here are the requirements if you enter from the United States...I don't know where you live.....if it is not the US, then go to the link where the rabies-free countries are listed..if you live in one of them, then you do not need the below-mentioned requirements.....

  1. Domestic or pet cats may enter Canada if accompanied by an original valid rabies vaccination certificate issued by a licensed veterinarian(1) in either English or French, which clearly identifies the cats and states that they are currently vaccinated against rabies. The certificate should identify the animals as to breed, colour, weight, etc., and indicate the name of the licensed rabies vaccine used (trade name), including serial number and the duration of its validity (up to three years). Please note that if the duration of validity is not indicated on the certificate, it will be considered to be valid for one year. There is no waiting period imposed between the time the animal is vaccinated for rabies and the time the animal is imported into Canada.
  2. OR
  3. If an animal arrives at a Canadian port of entry and does not meet the above requirements of paragraph 1), an inspector will order the owner-at the owner's expense-to have the animal vaccinated against rabies within the specified period of time and to provide the vaccination certificate to an inspector.
  • Cats under three (3) months of age may enter Canada without an export certificate and are not required to be vaccinated for rabies.
(1) A licensed veterinarian is a veterinarian who is licensed to practice veterinary medicine in the country of origin.
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make sure you double check that the vet has the color and everything right before you leave. my vet had patchy's color listed as a torbiano instead of a tortoise shell tabby. HE HAD HER LISTED AS A HORSE!!!! --along with several other things

(man, id had hate to see what the litter box would look like if she really were a torbiano LOL)

when i switched vets in may, i told her to look at patchy's rabies papers and see what color it said she was and i thought she was going to die laughing. she had to take it outside to the farrier (guy shoeing horses) and it got passed around. needless to say, the other vet here in town got made fun of a lot hahaha
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You're so right...it says in the Gov't instructions about the exact description of the cat being on the Vet's certification including colour, breed, age, etc. Although..I doubt if the border person would know what a torbiano was.... !!! I wouldn't want to take the chance anyway.

Glad you got your torbiano changed to being a cat.....I agree..wouldn't want to clean up a horse's litterbox
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