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Just curious

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where's everyone from???
Arkansas here..
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Originally Maryland. Now Ohio.
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You would probably find this thread interesting

where have you lived?
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My family is from Buffalo, NY but I've lived all over. Illinois, North Carolina (Durham), Salt Lake City. We recently moved to Buffalo, hated the cold weather (bad for my arthritis), and decided to move to Arizona. It's so nice here...sunny most of the time. I do miss the greenery though.
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Northeastern Pennsylvania
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Nova Scotia- Canada's Ocean Playground
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illinois. i just can't seem to leave illinois...
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I'm from Finland, but living in Belgium now.
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New Jersey here
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New York now! Grew up in PA!!
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ReykjavÃ:censor:k, Iceland
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Small town Nebraska!
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New Zealand
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Roswell, GA!
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I'm from Central NJ but migrated across the border to Southeastern PA (just outside of Philadelphia) 9 yrs ago this week. I know I am "officially" a Pennsylvanian, because I now complain about "those crazy Jersey drivers!"
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